One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers Reveal How the Revolutionary Army Came to be: Who were its founding members?

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers Reveal How the Revolutionary Army Came to be Who were its founding members

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers have started surfacing and have provided a glimpse into the birth of the Revolutionary Army, shedding light on its enigmatic origins. Featuring the World’s Worst Criminal, Dragon, this chapter delves into the army’s genesis, unveiling its founding members and the events that led to its creation. This pivotal moment in One Piece lore unveils the untold history of these iconic characters, reshaping our understanding of the world they inhabit.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers

  • One Piece Chapter 1097 is titled “Ginny.”
  • The Sorbet Kingdom’s ruler enforced a heavy tax on citizens, meant as a tribute to the World Government.
  • To lessen this burden, the country was divided into two parts: one under state protection and the other declared outlawed, with Kuma residing in the outlawed region.
  • The oppressive king was overthrown by the Revolutionary Army, led by Dragon and Ivankov.
  • Kuma joined the Revolutionary Army during this rebellion.
  • Dragon, a former Marine, left the organization due to its lack of justice.
  • Fourteen years ago, both Kuma and Ginny held significant roles as Commanders in the Revolutionary Army.
  • One Piece 1097 concludes with Dragon receiving distressing news about Ginny’s kidnapping.

The Birth of the Revolutionary Army

Ginny in One Piece
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One Piece 1097 Spoilers transports readers back in time, unraveling the complex tapestry of events that culminated in the birth of the Revolutionary Army.

  • At the heart of this transformation stands Dragon, a figure shrouded in mystery, who was once a Marine.
  • Disillusioned by the lack of justice within the Marines, he made the audacious decision to leave, setting the stage for a revolutionary movement that would challenge the very fabric of the world.

The chapter continues to delve into Kuma’s past, revealing his pivotal role in the formation of the Army. As a commander alongside Ginny, Kuma’s journey from a traumatized slave to a revolutionary icon takes center stage. Their alliance with Dragon and Ivankov, both formidable and enigmatic in their own right, marks a turning point in the battle against tyranny and oppression.

The Founding Members


Dragon, the visionary leader with a deep-seated sense of revolution, becomes the linchpin around which the Revolutionaries revolve. His alliance with Ivankov, the enigmatic commander known for their unmatched yet bizarre demeanor and quirkiness, solidifies the foundation of the army.

  • Alongside them, two former slaves who have seen the worst that the One Piece world has to offer, bring diverse skills and perspectives, enriching the revolutionary cause. This eclectic group of founding members represents a melding of ideals, strengths, and experiences.
  • Dragon’s unwavering commitment to the cause, Ivankov’s strategic brilliance, Kuma’s Devil Fruit abilities, and Ginny’s unyielding determination create a synergy that drives the Revolutionary Army’s mission to challenge the oppressive world order.


One Piece Chapter 1096
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One Piece 1097 paints a vivid portrait of the Revolutionary Army’s birth, offering readers a deeper understanding of its origins and the individuals who shaped its destiny.

Dragon, Ivankov, Kuma, and Ginny emerge not just as characters but as architects of change, their actions resonating across the One Piece universe. As we delve further into this enthralling narrative, the Army’s journey promises to be a saga of ideals, strength, and the unyielding spirit of freedom.


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