One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers Reveals The Youngest Pirate Captain Ever: Who is it?

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers Reveals The Youngest Pirate Captain Ever Who is it

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers have started to surface. In a world where legends are born and adventures unfurl, this chapter unearths a revelation that echoes a new unknown achievement across the seas: the youngest pirate captain ever to set sail. Within the pages of this chapter, the Jewelry Bonney’s true age has been revealed, defying convention to carve her path in the annals of piracy.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers

According to One Piece 1098 Spoilers,  Ginny was kidnapped and forced to become the wife of a Tenryuubito (Celestial Dragon). Two years later, Ginny was freed due to a deadly disease. Before her death, Ginny contacted Kuma. During their conversation, Kuma identified Ginny’s location and teleported there but arrived too late.

Ginny passed away, leaving behind her infant daughter, Bonney, who suffered from the same illness. Kuma has taken care of Bonney since then. If we put all the events of the last few chapters and the flashbacks in a timeline, Jewelry Bonney’s true age becomes apparent.

In the present, she’s merely 12 years old. This means, that two years ago, at Saboady Archipelago, a 10-year-old little girl became a Supernova, with a bounty exceeding 100 Million Berries.

The Youngest Supernova

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The only other person who has done anything remotely close to this was Robin who received a bounty of 70 Million at the age of 8, but she was not a pirate at that time. At a mere 12 years old, Bonney is a testament to the audacity and courage that defines the pirate spirit. So far this is a new record. If this does get broken, our newsletter will be the first source to inform you.

Aware of the intricate power struggles between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government, she might have chosen the life of a pirate to navigate these treacherous waters on her terms. Perhaps, she believes that true freedom lies not just in opposing the oppressors but also in staying unshackled from any allegiance, allowing her to strike where she deems fit.

The Path of Piracy

Still, one might question the choices Bonney made in the face of such adversity after One Piece 1098 Spoilers. With Ginny as her mother and the mighty Bartholomew Kuma as her adoptive father, the path of the Revolutionary Army seemed like a natural choice. Yet, Bonney took a different route, opting to become a pirate at the tender age of ten.

The rationale behind Bonney’s decision remains a tantalizing mystery. Was it a spontaneous act by a child burdened with unimaginable grief, a desperate attempt to free Kuma from his cursed existence, or perhaps a deeply rooted sense of accountability she holds her mother’s fellow revolutionary, Dragon, responsible for?


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One Piece Chapter 1098 illuminates the path of the youngest pirate captain, a beacon of youthful exuberance and audacious dreams amidst the turbulent waters of the Grand Line.

Bonney’s tale is a testament to the boundless audacity, resilience, and prudence, reminding readers that in the world of pirates, age is no bar to greatness. With each stroke of Oda’s pen, legacies continue to unfold week after week, adding a vibrant hue to the ever-expanding canvas of One Piece.

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