One Piece Day 2023 to reveal two Special Announcements: What can they be?

One Piece Day 2023 to reveal 2 Special Announcements - What are they

The recent announcements revolving around the One Piece Day 2023 have some striking revelations. The celebrations are on the horizon and the new teaser trailer has announced all the festivities in store for the fans worldwide. One Piece Day is the annual celebration of the beginning of One Piece in 1997, which marks the legacy of the most famous anime show of all time. According to announcements, this event will take place this year at the Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, and is scheduled for a two-day event.

What is special about this year’s One Piece Day 2023?

The celebrations of One Piece Day 2023 are divided between July 21 and 22. The first day will kick off with the screening of the One Piece Film Red, the most recent addition to the franchise, whereas the second day will mostly focus on stage events with various well-known celebrities gracing the festivities.

One Piece Day 2023 to reveal 2 Special Announcements - What are they
One Piece Day’23 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight. (Image snapshotted from the official trailer on YouTube)

Moreover, for those fans worldwide who will not be able to attend the live event in Japan, they can avail the comfort of the event from their homes. One Piece’s official YouTube channel will stream the events live for the duration of the two days and will cover everything in the broadcast.

From the stores filled with collectables and merchandise to the stages filled with One Piece’s cast and crew, this year’s event can be enjoyed from a distance with the same zeal.

What could be the surprise announcements that One Piece will make on One Piece Day 2023?

There will possibly be two major special announcements for One Piece Day 2023. The first one might be regarding the series creator Eiirchiro Oda’s recent confirmation about One Piece’s upcoming end and the revelation of the titular treasure. At the same time, the second one might be a new Opening by Maki Otsuki, which is also set to be revealed at the event.

While the first speculation is just a theory, there are also major discussions among fans going on about a possible One Piece ArcSys game announcement, which has been a thing of intense contemplation lately.

  • Moreover, the first announcement will be made in a Special Casting Corner on July 22nd. The second announcement will be made after Maki Otsuki’s live performance.
  • These have been announced by Shonen Jump News on Twitter and fans are thrilled about the possible announcements.

Will One Piece Day 2023 also have special merchandise?

One Piece Day 2023 will have several collectables for those who are unable to attend the event. Megahouse recently revealed a flamboyant figurine of Bentham the Wild. This is priced at $296 and shows the current leader of Newkama Land in his iconic outfit with a conspiring sneer across his face.

One Piece Day 2023 to reveal 2 Special Announcements - What are they
The event would be conducted in hybrid mode. (Image snapshotted from the official trailer on YouTube)

Apart from that, Jimei Palace revealed a stunning figurine statue of the Snake Princess Boa Hancock. It is highly expensive with an astounding price tag of $886, and shows the Empress in all her beautiful and enchanting glory. These collectables and merchandise will be highlighted and the memoirs of the event for those who couldn’t attend, and will make the celebrations even more extravagant.


One Piece Day 2023 to reveal 2 Special Announcements - What are they
One Piece Day 2023. (Image snapshotted from the official trailer on YouTube)

One Piece Day 2023 will have two special announcements, which might either be about the One Piece ArcSys game or the new opening by Maki. But we cannot completely rule out the revelation and release of the final chapters to finally reveal the titular object for which there are more theories than one can possibly imagine.

Whatever the case, we will be packed with enough announcements and events throughout the course of the celebrations, and we will possibly encounter one of the above conclusions to be true.

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