One Piece Episode 1071: Why Gear 5 fan reactions were not all positive?

Gear 5 Luffy

The hype for Gear 5 shot through Skypiea to reach the moon where Enel is, or to say it in normal person terms, it was unbelievable. Contrary to the uniform hype, were the reactions received by One Piece Episode 1071. Surprisingly, the episode didn’t fulfil the expectations of many. 

Concerning quality, anime has always been questionable. Fans have never been afraid to voice their opinions when it came to the anime reusing the same scenes, the dragged pacing, or the filler scenes within the episodes. In recent times, the anime outdid itself with spectacular animations and minimal filler content. 

One Piece Episode 1071: Gear 5 Fan Reactions

One Piece Gear 5
Gear 5 Luffy | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

1. Concept of Gear 5

Sun God Nika
Luffy striking the same pose as Sun God Nika | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The introduction of Gear 5 in the manga divided the fandom into two groups; those who believed it was planned all along and the others who couldn’t wrap their head around the sudden reveal. The latter group believed that there were hardly any hints and the power-up wasn’t well thought out.

As for the Gear 5 reveal in the anime, those who managed to not get spoiled were disappointed with Gear 5. As it was different compared to the previous power-ups. While most couldn’t stop laughing and praising the Tom and Jerry references, some fans found the power-up underwhelming and not badass enough. Even though the whole point of Gear 5 is making people smile with how ridiculous it is.

2. The chaotic fighting sequence

Luffy Gear 5
A still from the fight between Luffy and Kaido | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The legendary scene when Luffy pulls Kaido up on the roof using his rubbery hands was the last comprehensible moment. After that, the pacing and absurdness went through the roof.

Making it hard for fans to understand the events and exchange of blows between Kaido and Luffy. The manga readers were more than eager to back this claim as they admitted that being familiar with the manga helped them understand it all better. 

3. The dialogue between Hiyori and Orochi

Kozuki Hiyori
Fans’ reaction to the Hiyori and Orochi scene in Episode 1071 | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The introduction of Gear 5 with cartoon-like movements and sounds along with the drums of liberations, was extremely lively and kept getting better with every second. Only to be followed by a slow-paced scene that was full of dialogue. The transition from Gear 5 Luffy to the dialogue between Orochi and Hiyori disrupted the momentum.

The interaction was undoubtedly important but it was stretched out. The inconsistency between these moments wasn’t received well by the fans. 

4. Reused Animation


Anybody who watched Gear 5 could tell the effort put into the animation. The animation was top notch but Toei reused the scene thrice where Luffy jumps around like a cartoon character. It was evident that the same animation was being reused again and again which was upsetting, to say the least. 


One Piece Episode 1071
A still from One Piece Episode 1071 featuring Gear 5 | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Despite some apparent flaws, Gear 5 was a treat for the fans. While some scenes deserved frowns, a huge part of the episode delivered as it was supposed to. The ending theme was a brilliant addition to the otherwise great experience. The hype preceding the release made the experience better and also brought the episode under critical scrutiny.

With that said, the criticism fans had to offer about One Piece Episode 1071 could’ve been easily avoided. The studio has received similar complaints numerous times in the past. Megumi Ishitani, who has worked on some of the best One Piece episodes claimed that episode 1072 will be the real deal. This might be the reason why they’ve cut corners at some points in Episode 1071.

This doesn’t justify the mishaps of this episode but goes on to explain why it might have happened. The anime still has a chance to redeem itself with the upcoming episode, we shall see if the studio breaks out from its age-old tactics. 

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