One Piece Episode 1093 brings back the most notorious Villain: What is Blackbeard upto now?

Blackbeard in One Piece Episode 1093

Some old faces returned in One Piece anime and their tremulous return is bound to ensue chaos. Contrary to how vibrant it has been lately Blackbeard single-handedly casts a dark shadow with his return. This time around, he has set his eyes on Law. The upcoming One Piece Episode 1093 is titled “Winner Takes it all! Blackbeard vs Law”. With how Blackbeard visited Amazon Lily to steal Boa’s devil fruit, is he facing Law with similar intentions? What is he up to this time around? Let’s find out!

One Piece Episode 1093: Impending Danger Closing in on Law

In episode 1092, we saw Law up against Blackbeard. The feats of the worst generation from Wano are known throughout the world. As soon as Blackbeard realized that the downfall of Kaido and Big Mom signifies that their poneglyphs are now in the possession of Law, Kidd, and Luffy, he makes his way to Law to retrieve the poneglyph.

Law vs Blackbeard in One Piece anime
A still of One Piece anime featuring Law | Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

This match-up sends shivers down the spine of Law fans given how he’s up against Blackbeard’s crew. All the members of his crew are vicious and substantially strong. Their devil fruit powers combined, pose a threat to the strongest figures of One Piece. And we’re well aware of how they don’t believe in fighting fair either. 

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Blackbeard vs Law in One Piece Episode 1093
The Ships of the Blackbeard Pirates and the Heart Pirates | Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

On the other hand, Law is the only member of his crew who can withstand the wrath of the Blackbeard Pirates. The outcome of this battle becomes more alarming in the context of Law’s devil fruit powers. Blackbeard’s collection of devil fruits at present is quite unnerving, with the Ope Ope no Mi, he can become immortal as well. 

The advent of CP0 on Egghead

Lucci in One Piece Egghead
The Cipher Pol Agents | Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

Another highlight of the recent episode was the return of the Cipher Pol agents. The enemies from Water 7 are planning a visit to Egghead. Their agenda to kill Dr. Vegapunk sparks curiosity. If Lucci’s instinct about the relation between Lulusia and Vega punk’s assassination is correct, then everything that went down on Lulusia must be extremely heinous in nature. But Vegapunk isn’t all Cipher Pol is going to find on Egghead

While the straw hats settled their scores with Cp0 back in Enies Lobby, Rob Lucci might be in for a pleasant surprise. A match-up with the Strawhats will shake him to the core with how far apart they are in strength. There’s still time before they arrive on Egghead, as the next few episodes will be focused on the fight between the Heart Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates. 


Heart Pirates in One Piece
Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi | Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

Egghead has only begun and the four seas are already heating up. Every time Blackbeard appears in the story, he leaves lifelong scars behind. With his crew, his menacing presence has been quadrupled and Law will bear the brunt of their ruthlessness. Blackbeard isn’t the only one making a return but Cipher Pol agents are headed to Egghead as well. The Water 7 reunion is awaiting us in the near future. 

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