One Piece: Evil Shanks theories explored

One Piece Evil Shanks theories explored (2)

Oda left fans in a daze with the new developments related to Shanks. The shift in his character has been one of the most discussed topics in the One Piece fandom. Despite being an enigma, Shanks became one of the most loved characters in One Piece. His appearances, though very few, were all highly anticipated.

His relationship with Luffy and his fans was identical in the sense that his fans looked up to him as much as Luffy does. Shanks has always been perceived as a well-wisher of Luffy but not anymore as Evil Shanks theories start to surface. Let’s explore these theories by diving further into what they’re about and how these Evil Shanks Theories, if true will affect the story.

Theory 1: Shanks planned everything out from the beginning

One Piece Evil Shanks theories explored (3)
Image Courtesy via IMDb

Fans have speculated that Shanks is the final boss. He planned everything to go the way he wanted it to. His appearance during all the crucial moments like the Marineford war and Wano has been very convenient.

There’s no way he couldn’t have saved Luffy without losing an arm. His haki has been advanced for as long as we’ve known him. Losing an arm was a part of his plan, keeping in mind Oda’s evergoing banter with his fans, he probably has a comeback for this event which is a huge meme in the community. 


  • The Wano appearance can be credited to One Piece film Red’s promotions but his Marineford presence was convenient as it was. Shanks also has a premonition about every big event which is about to take place.
  • He asked Whitebeard not to send Ace to fight Blackbeard as well. Nobody could’ve expected the turn of events except for him. 

Theory 2: Shanks intends to take back Luffy’s devil fruit

One Piece Evil Shanks theories explored
Kid Luffy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Human Human fruit is one of the most valued devil fruit so far. This started back when the world government tried to erase the history surrounding the devil fruit after Who’s Who retrieved it from them. Shanks stole the fruit from him to take its possession. Shanks for sure had plans for the fruits and Luffy eating it may or may not have been a pure coincidence. 


His current motivations don’t align with him just giving up on the devil’s fruit like that. He gave his straw hat to Luffy to ensure that the fruit bearer comes back to him. Killing Luffy would’ve made him lose the fruit once again. Shanks asks Luffy to come back to him once he’s strong signals towards the fact that he either intends to use Luffy for his own goal or just take the Devil Fruit back from him. 

Theory 3: Shanks is Rock D. Xebec’s son

One Piece Evil Shanks theories explored (3)
There are speculations on Shanks being a celestial dragon as well | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Just like everything else, Shanks’ origin has been a mystery. His age and the God Valley incident also coincide. Being Xebec’s son will also explain the influence he has on the world government and his fellow pirates. Another thing the confirmation of this theory will do is explain why Shanks is so strong and his affinity with the three forms of Haki. 

Theory 4: Shanks is a member of the Holy Knights

One Piece Evil Shanks theories explored (2)
Introduction of the Holy Knights | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The panel which revealed the Holy Knights has a silhouette of a character who resembles Shanks. If Shanks is a member of the Holy Knights the previous theory and this one will align and all the events will fall into place from Shanks being Xebec’s son and his relation to the God valley. 

If he indeed is a member of the Holy Knights, we’ve seen a glimpse of its leader who doesn’t seem like a saint. 


Whether Shanks remains a good character or becomes an antagonist or outright a villain, it’ll be chaotic. Oda has gone out of his way to make Shanks likable, whether through teasing, legendary short appearances or just forging a relationship between his character and fans. With so many uncertainties, one thing which we know for a fact is that the build-up of over a thousand chapters will pay off.  


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