One Piece Final War: Who will be participating?

One Piece Final War Who will be participating

Week by week we’re trickling closer towards the climax of the epic known as One Piece. From Oda’s statements, we can safely assume that an exhilarating and phenomenal war arc waits at the very end of the series. Fans have been wondering about one thing in particular when it comes to the One Piece Final War. Who’ll be participating in it? Let’s find out.

One Piece Final War

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Before determining the participants, it is crucial to determine the nature of the said War. What we know for sure so far is that the World Government, more specifically the Celestial Dragons and Imu-sama will be on one side. However, the opposition could either be from multiple individual parties or an alliance between parties that share a similar goal.

This leaves room for some interesting combinations and possibilities:

  • Straw Hats Start a War: After the events of the Egghead Arc,  if something similar to what happened at Water 7 or Marineford happens again, Luffy wouldn’t hesitate to start a War. However, this time, many others might join him in his fight against the Government, paving the way for the largest conflict in the entire series.
  • Revolutionary Army Starts a War: Although predictable, this would be a perfectly acceptable move for the narrative of One Piece. The actions of the Revolutionaries so far, especially in the recent chapters seem to point towards an impending conflict.

Cause for Conflict

The War could happen for multiple reasons, the obvious one being either Laugh Tale or One Piece itself. However, it is also possible that the War could start after One Piece is found, which is in line with something that many legends of the past have told before. Outside of the legendary treasure, the Revolutionary Army or the Cross Guild might make a move that leads to war.

Who will be Participating?

How Oda symbolizes freedom via the battle of World Government and Pirate's desire for the One Piece
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As far as the participants are concerned, there are a few groups and cliques that would be a part of the One Piece Final War, regardless of their chosen side.

  • The Straw Hats: Luffy and his crew would be integral to the Final War and would probably be the ones to end it.
  • Revolutionary Army: If it is a War against the Government, Dragon is involved. Fans might t also get to see a Father-Son team-up between Luffy and Dragon.
  • The Marines: While one might think that the Marines would obviously be on the Government’s side, it might not be the only scenario. If One Piece reveals some crucial incriminating info about the government, the Marines, or at least a part of them might turn against the World Government.
  • Kingdoms Across the Grand Line: Across his travels, Luffy has saved many Islands, Kingdoms, and Communities from the clutches of diabolical tyrants. These Kingdoms will definitely play a role in the One Piece Final War, alongside the Straw Hats Grand Fleet. Even Germa 66 might play a role in the said war.


Even though it is quite a few years away, fans of the series cannot stop theorizing and speculating about the One Piece Final War. Regardless of its constituents and outcomes, it is already set to go down in history as one of the most anticipated conflicts in the history of anime. We’ll have to wait just a little longer to see how Oda wraps up this amazing series.

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