One Piece Anime: All the times when Luffy Gear 5 may have been foreshadowed

One Piece Anime All the times when Luffy Gear 5 may have been foreshadowed

Apart from the expansive world, incredibly woven plot, and bizarre abilities, one other thing that One Piece hordes praise for is Oda’s foreshadowing. Almost every piece of information revealed over the thousand-episode run of One Piece shows up to be relevant to a particular plot point somewhere.

This applies to Luffy’s most recent power-up, Gear 5, as well. Let’s look at all the moments where Gear 5 might’ve been foreshadowed.

Understanding Gear 5


Around the climax of the Wano arc, the true nature of Luffy’s Devil Fruit was revealed. The Gomu-Gomu no Mi’s real name was the Hito-Hito no Mi: Model Nika. While the former was known as a Paramecia Fruit, the latter, its original form is actually a Mythical Zoan fruit.

“I can do everything I wanted to do!! I think I can fight a bit longer… My heartbeat sounds so funny!! This is the pinnacle of what I can do!! This is… Gear 5!!!”

— Monkey D. Luffy

Gear 5, in reality, is the awakened form of the Hit-Hito no Mi. Upon awakening his Fruit, Luffy was able to control and transform everything around him into a rubbery material or give it rubber-like properties, similar to a Paramecia awakening. This form allows him to control the powers of Nika to their full extent.

Sun God Nika


The first mention of a “Sun God” in One Piece was during the Skypiea Arc, yet no name was dropped at that point. This God also was portrayed to require sacrifices, which is unlike Nika.

The Sun God Nika is said to be a “Warrior of Liberation” and a friend to all slaves. He was first mentioned by Who’s-Who, although his existence still remains to be a mystery. According to Dr. Vegapunk, only the most ancient of texts have been known to mention Nika.

Nika’s body was said to have the properties of rubber which allowed him to fight in a totally free and rebellious manner, which is also reflected by the fruit modelled after him. According to legend, Nika was considered to be a heroic, benevolent figure one who’d come and liberate all slaves and put a smile on their faces.

Luffy’s Ideology


  • Apart from foreshadowing through the story, Luffy’s Gear 5 has also been foreshadowed by his own personality and actions. Luffy’s definition of being a Pirate King is to be someone who has the highest level of freedom in the entire world. This mindset aligns directly with the main theme of Gear 5, the Sun God Nika.
  • This is also often displayed in his own powers and the way he uses the Gomu-Gomu no Mi. Luffy often fights in a liberal, carefree, and expressive way,  coming up with crazy over-the-top creative ideas to solve problems.

This is further emphasized in Gear 5 itself, which essentially does the same on a grander scale. Luffy can now control the terrain and everything around him, even being able to transform lightning itself.

Feats of Liberation


One other key point to note about Gear 5 is Luffy’s heartbeat. His heartbeat takes a musical rhythm while using Gear 5 which is referred to as the “Drums of Liberation” by Zunesha. This stands as a nod to Luffy’s actions throughout the story where he has liberated many groups from their oppressors.

  • Liberated Nami and Cocoyasi Village from Arlong and his Fishmen.
  • Liberated Alabasta from the clutches of Sir Crocodile.
  • Defeated the tyrant ‘God’ Enel of Skypiea, liberating its people.
  • Broke out of the Impel Down Prison, freeing countless prisoners.
  • Took down Doflamingo to bring true peace to Dressrosa.
  • Defeated Kaido to liberate Wano Country.

Luffy had his own reasons for doing all the above, but these still are indisputably acts of a heroic liberator trying to save people and free slaves. Ironically though, Luffy himself has stated that he is a Pirate and he doesn’t want to be a hero.

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