One Piece: Gear 5 Sensation Reaches International Theatres

One Piece Luffy in Gear 5 Awakened

One Piece fans around the world cannot hold their excitement any longer. The drums have begun their beats, and as days pass to reach the 6th of August, our heart beats in rhythm to welcome Joyboy. Liberation is near in sight, and determined fans have taken it upon themselves to take it up to the big screens.

Has One Piece been on the big screen before?

Airing with over 1000 episodes, One Piece has kept breaking expectations. The series has racked up quite many achievements that set it apart from other Shounen series.

  • One of the most famous Shounen series, cherished by fans throughout the world.
  • One of the highest-selling manga in the world.
  • One of the few series to have life-size statues made of its characters.
Official Episode 1000 dub premiere poster
Episode 1000 dub Premiere | Courtesy of Anime Expo

Adding to these achievements, on July 2nd of 2023, at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles during the Anime Expo, Episode 1000 of One Piece dub was publicly screened on the big screen. The entry was based on a first-come, first-served model and was completely free. Along with the screening, many other events were held as well.

  • An autograph session with the voice actors of Ussop, Franky, and Brook.
  • A Q&A session with the animators.
  • A life-size display of Luffy and Shanks.
  • Exclusive giveaways and demos for their card game and One Piece Odyssey.

Will we get Episode 1071 on the big screen?

According to Crunchyroll, Toei Animation and the organizers of AnimagiC have teamed up to hold a special screening. Episodes 1070 and 1071 will air in CineMagic1, on 6th August in Mannheim, Germany.Β  It would also mean that German fans will be getting to see the new ending song on the big screen.

  • Event Time: 12:30 p.m
  • Duration: 50 minutes
The Worst Generation + Black Leg Sanji
Promotional Poster for One Piece Special Screening | Courtesy of Animagic

However, Toei Animation has denied providing the license to others to screen the most-awaited episode in theatres. But how will you stop a person whose favorite show is about a pirate? Fans have taken steps to make sure that Gear 5 is screened in their locality.

International Screenings of Gear 5

Fans in many countries have decided to do the screening on their own. Living by Luffy’s wish to be the freest man in the seas, they have gathered people to watch Episode 1071 together. It has really become the Greatest Pirate Age.

  • Fans in Spain have taken it upon themselves to screen the most jaw-dropping reveal of their favorite anime. Starting from the introduction of Gear 2, all the way to Gear 5, Spanish fans will screen their captain in Cines Flimax on August 6.

  • People, under the name Fanfanfan, from Mexico have also turned up to screen the big revelation on the 6th of August. With more events to accompany the screening, like cosplaying and giveaways, the people of Mexico are all set to welcome Joyboy.

  • Fans from France suited up to take up Toei after the theatrical release of Gear 5 was refused by them. Moving ahead with the screening of Episode 1071, they have shown Sanji’s unrelenting will to see Joyboy in action.

  • In India, many clubs around the country have organized watch parties to spread the laughter and happiness of one of the greatest moments of our beloved series.

An appropriate welcome?

Much love has been shown in this intricate and majestic piece of art by Eichiro Oda. Fans have continued to support him and will continue to support him. All these screenings are illegal in nature, as they do not have the required license to screen the show. However, the extent to which these fans have taken themselves is a testament to their love towards One Piece. Nobody can deny that this is being done out of pure adoration for the series.

One Piece Episode 1071 will be streamed on Crunchyroll, for people who want to support the author through legal means. As we count the days off, our grin grows menacingly large for it is the mysterious, acclaimed, and the 800-year-old legend back to life.

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