One Piece Gear 5th Luffy preview released: Does it live upto the hype?

Gear 5th Luffy

The introduction of Gear 5th Luffy in the manga threw the concept of spoilers and such out of the window. The reveal made its way to Instagram, Twitter, anime merch, and whatnot. Everybody knew what it looked like within a few hours of the chapter release.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the chapter to be animated. And the wait is nearly over. The creators dropped One Piece Gear 5th Luffy preview, a sneak peek into what the animation will look like. The hype surrounding gear 5th has been unreal, does the preview live up to the hype or not?

One Piece Gear 5th Luffy Preview Breakdown

The Gear 5th preview gives us a gist of what’s coming up, from the voice acting to the visuals. We hear the Drums of Liberation, a very brief glimpse into the fight between Kaido and Luffy at its peak. Many panels from chapters revealing Gear 5 are visible in the preview.

The anime has been experimental lately. In episode 1065, the use of colors and bringing back the cartoonish art style brought back the earlier essence of the anime. The preview exudes similar energy. Luffy looks cartoonish at many points. 

Does it live up to the hype?

One Piece Gear 5 Preview
Luffy in the upcoming Gear 5 episode | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The answer is a 100% yes. In the One Piece Day live stream, Mayumi Tanaka teared up while sharing the experience of voicing Luffy. The preview explains the reaction, every dialogue screams dedication; the excitement and fun are permeating through.

The environment has been intense with Luffy’s defeat. Throughout the fight, Luffy was on the edge. But the tense atmosphere will turn joyful with the return of Joyboy. 

  • One can hear the excitement in Luffy’s voice as Gear 5 is unveiled. Every word is encapsulating the hype, the fun, and the freedom Luffy is experiencing. 
  • The Drums of Liberation are more than enough to send chills down the spine. There’s so much to look forward to. 
  • Toei has already testified for the animation front with the previous episodes in Wano. The Zoro vs. King fight stands out. The standards were met and exceeded with episodes 1065-66. 

Luffy is at his peak and so is Mayumi Tanaka. The animation looks promising as well. The hype surrounding One Piece Gear 5th Luffy is universal. The creators, the fans, and everybody familiar with One Piece is experiencing it. 

When will we get to see it?

Luffy in the One Piece Gear 5th Peview
Luffy, with his awakened Devil Fruit | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The fans will get to see Gear 5th Luffy in the upcoming episodes. The power-up will make its debut on August 6, in episode 1071; stretching over to episode 1072 as well. As for where to watch, Crunchyroll streams the latest One Piece episodes. The following points contain manga spoilers. 

  • Speculatively, Episode 1070 will feature the reactions of the Strawhats and maybe the dialogue between Momonosuke and Zunesha. With the drums of liberation and the part where Zunesha mentions Joyboy has returned. 
  • Whereas Episodes 1071 and 1072 will explain Gear 5th along with a proper reveal. Continuing with the final fight between Kaido and Luffy. 


One Piece anime
Young Luffy in the earlier episodes of One Piece | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The hype is real just like the One Piece.  Luffy has come a long way. Oda surprised fans with the goofy Gear 5th reveal which forces you to break into a smile. The same surprise is making a return but in animation. All the best to our hearts for containing the excitement as we watch Gear 5th animated. 

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