One Piece Live Action: Top 5 Genius Details you might have missed

One Piece Live Action

One Piece Live Action has set its sail and it has been a smooth venture. From Luffy’s iconic one-liner, “I’m going to be the King of the Pirates” to the enigmatic sword skills of Zoro, the series has kept up with our expectations. If you think that being accurate was the show’s charm, you are surely mistaken. Here are 5 genius details in the show that you might have missed.

5 Details that you might have missed

Islands on the Map

The show begins with the classic execution of Gol D. Roger. As the narrator wiggles through his narration, we are shown a map of the world. While many would assume it to be a random map, it has many references to our favorite characters.

The East Blue Map
The East Blue Map | Courtesy of Netflix
  • Kumate Island: This is the island where Buggy found himself after he was defeated by Luffy. Under the captaincy of Richie, Buggy Pirates were nearly annihilated by the Kumate Tribe. Using Alvida’s help, he was reunited with his body parts. He managed to defeat the tribe and save his crew.
  • Gecko Island: This is where the journey of the Strawhats officially begins. Being Ussop’s home island, Luffy and his crew obtained the Going Merry here. This is where Luffy confronted Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates.
  • Oykot Kingdom: This is the kingdom where Nami’s story began. Overrunned by Pirates, Bell-mere was sent to rescue the citizens with her unit. Losing hope in victory, she was about to cast away her life when she found young Nijiko before her. Nojiko was holding an infant Nami in her arms. Bell-mere decides to adopt the kids.

A Nostalgic Euphony

Shanks stitching Luffy's scar
Luffy’s Flashback about Shanks | Courtesy of Netflix

It is a given that fans will be emotional when they see Shanks in Luffy’s flashback. If their sentiments were not enough, Oda and the directors decided to go one step further with their creativity. Hitting the fans with crisp portrayal of the Red-Haired Pirates, they played [Bink’s Sake] in the background. This symphony has much greater significance to fans than their student loan debts.

Receiving a near-critical hit from the show, the scene felt very emotional to fans. As the flashbacks flowed, so did our tears of happiness.

Down goes Alvida’s Ship

Alvida's ship burning
Miss Love Duck burning in the background | Courtesy of Netflix

Alvida is the first antagonist Luffy faces in Romance Dawn. She was no match for him. Liberating her crew and Koby, nobody in the ship dared to take on Luffy. With such a state of affairs, Luffy demands a ship to move on to the next island with Koby. While in the manga, Luffy leaves without harming anyone else, the live-action had a different take on the matter.

Merrily chatting away with Koby, we can see Miss Love Duck burning down onto the sea. This is quite a subtle reminder of how far Luffy would go for someone he considers his friend.

Axe-Hand Morgan’s Battle Scars

Kuro's scar of Morgan's arm
Kuro’s scar on Morgan’s arm | Courtesy of Netflix

Axe-Hand Morgan, or Marine Captain Morgan, was the 2nd antagonist of Romance Dawn. He is boastful and narcissistic. Flaunting his achievement of defeating the Black Cat Pirates alone, Morgan feels pride in fighting Kuro head-on and even capturing him. While this is simply not true of his strength to defeat and arrest Kuro, he did indeed face him.

This is proven to us by the Director’s great attention to detail. We are shown claw marks on Morgan’s left arm, a reminder of his battle with Kuro.

A hint to Baroque Works

Baroque Works Business Card
Baroque Works Business Card | Courtesy of Netflix

With the combined effort and teamwork of Luffy, Nami, and Zoro, Morgan’s defeat meant the acquisition of the Map to Grand Line. However, that is not all that they receive from his safe. Kept safe in the locker, we could see a Kuro’s Bounty Poster, a constant reminder to Morgan of his pride and joy, and a Baroque Works Business Card.

This could mean a lot of things. This could hint towards a possible partnership between Morgan and Crocodile that is new to the franchise. It could be a teaser to a potential season 2 with Alabasta Arc. The possibilities are endless.


All these details make the live-action one of the best, if not the best, out there. The delicate reverence for the franchise shown by the Directors as they work together with Oda can be explicitly seen in their work. With each episode containing one too many fine details regarding the series, we wonder what more are we to discover. It truly is the new age of Pirates.

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