One Piece Live Action: First Impressions

One Piece Live Action

The most awaited live-action of the year has just been released. The ship of One Piece Live Action has begun to soar through its seas. Has it been a turbulent adventure or has it been a calm belt for our favorite series? Here are our first impressions of the live-action, let’s see if it has lived up to the community’s expectations.

One Piece 2023

Gol D. Roger
Gol D. Roger | Courtesy of Netflix

The live-action has decided to adapt to the first arc of the series, [Romance Dawn]. Beginning with the greatest moment of the series, we begin our adventure with the execution of Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King.

My wealth and treasure? It can be yours if you want it! Search for it! I left everything in that one place.

What an epic start to the most epic journey of our lifetime. The scene sent shivers through our skins. The scene, the dialogue, and the characters were all top-notch. And thus began, the Great Pirate Age. The show then moves on to begin the arc.

The Plot

All the necessary elements of Romance Dawn have been retained. While the essence held strong throughout the episodes, the same cannot be said for the storytelling. There have been many changes here and there to suit the narrative of the live-action. With considerable constrictions of executing a fantasy tale, the staff did a beautiful job with everything. They exercised their creative liberty but never went beyond what was necessary.

Zoro fighting Helmeppo
Zoro fighting with Helmeppo in the Bar | Courtesy of Netflix

With Oda’s guidance, the show is as fun as the original. There have been changes in how we are introduced to certain characters, like the Bar Scene where Luffy meets Zoro for the first time. There have also been changes in the progression of the story, with how we end up facing Buggy and Morgan.

However, the series has been a delight to watch. The show has also imbibed in itself a good deal of comedy that does not feel embarrassing. It matched well with the context in which it was used and was hilarious. To hear Luffy say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, is something we did not realize we needed so badly.

The storytelling does not drift apart too much for the audience to feel disappointed, yet, it dances with the opportunities it gets to provide us with a new look at the story.

The Characters

The live-action brought our favorite characters to life, and it surely did not disappoint. The selection of the cast is impeccable as each actor efficiently portrays their character. Their personalities have not changed and they have retained their feelings of loyalty as well.

Nami | Courtesy of Netflix

With each episode, we see each character increasingly develop in their role and personality, something that is very important in the story of One Piece. Sure, there have been certain flaws here and there but these could be called subjective. These include Nami’s personality being more angsty than normal, in addition to Zoro’s way too manly voice. Nonetheless, these quirks add up to their character and only make them enjoyable.


Buggy’s Introduction | Courtesy of Netflix

The live-action is very well done. It has added gimmicks of its own to bring an even better experience for its audience. Gimmicks like having the bounty poster before the character’s introduction which they slice away. This is so very cool, we can never get bored of it. For us, the series has been a success, and only makes us wonder if we will receive a season 2.

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