One Piece: Ranking the Emperors by strength

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength

The power structure in One Piece is well explained with proper hierarchy for both pirates and the Marines. Emperors stand at the top of this hierarchy for pirates. These 4 emperors ruled the New World with a great number of pirates working under them. Every emperor has had a significant contribution to making one piece an exciting journey so far. 

But it’s a question who among the strongest stands at the top? Where do these emperors stand in terms of strength amongst themselves? With the downfall of some of the emperors and the uprise of the new generation, take a look at the list of all the Emperors ranked in terms of strength. 

One Piece: Ranking the Emperors by Strength

7. Captain Buggy

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Captain Buggy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The leader of the Cross Guild and the buggy pirates has a history of being a part of every big thing that takes place in One Piece. He was one of the first opponents of the straw hats and started his pirate journey on Gol D. Roger’s ship. He is also a former warlord. 

If it was up to his luck, he’d be on top of this and every other list. There’s no lie in the fact that he’s going to become the pirate king but his humble nature has made him let every emperor besides him take up the spots above him. 

6. Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Image Courtesy via IMDb

Luffy has proved himself over and over again and has gotten strong with every arc. He stands on the same stage as the strongest pirates in the one-piece world. 

Currently, he has the awakened human human devil fruit (Hito Hito no mi), and all three Haki at his disposal. His powers are still flawed and put his body in dangerous states causing a lot of damage. 

5. Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Blackbeard | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Every mention of Blackbeard post-time skip is evidence of how big of a threat he is. With two devil fruits at his dispense and experience as a former Whitebeard pirate, he has some deadly weapons. He has been defeating the new generation pirates, as seen with Law with no difficulty as such.

He has gathered the worst criminals together to form a formidable crew.  Similar to Shanks, there’s so much we’re yet to see with Black Beard.

4. Big Mom

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Big Mom about to go berserk | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The 68-year-old woman wreaked havoc for the straw hats twice. The outcome of the whole cake island arc wouldn’t have been so pretty if Sanji didn’t bake the best wedding cake. Luffy or anyone from his crew wasn’t strong enough to take on Big Mom. 

It took two of the strongest pirates from the current generation to defeat her. They exhausted every ounce of their strength to defeat the emperor. She has one of the strongest devil fruits. She stood equally with Kaido and Whitebeard during their time with the rock pirates

3. Shanks

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Akagami no Shanks | Image Courtesy via IMDb

There’s so much we have yet to see with Shanks. Putting together the pieces Oda has given us so far, it can be said that Shanks is a very strong character. The connections he holds with the Gorousei and the world government are no easy feat and can only be managed by someone significantly strong. 

We have witnessed the display of his Conqueror and Observation Haki and he seems the most well-versed with them than any other characters in the series so far. His swordsman skills also pique interest and can shoot up his strength significantly. 

2. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Whitebeard and Oden | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Whitebeard only stood second to Kaido in terms of strength. He was crowned as the strongest human alive pre-time skip. His death was caused by multiple severe injuries and he was already chronically ill.

  • He was a legend. The concept of Haki wasn’t introduced well enough pre-time skip but we know for a fact that Whitebeard could use Haki. 
  • His presence in the Marineford War completely shifted the flow of the war. Everybody including the strongest members of the Marines felt threatened by him. Shank’s and Whitebeard’s meeting displayed a clash of their haki. 

1. Kaido- King of the beasts

One Piece Ranking the Emperors by Strength
Image Courtesy via IMDb

Kaido, at the top of the list, might come off as shocking given that he was defeated not very long ago. Kaido has been crowned as the strongest creature alive. But he lost against Luffy! He did lose, but he didn’t just fight Luffy.

He fought against the Akazaya Nine, the 5 supernovas including Law, Kid, Luffy, Zoro, and Killer. Luffy dropped unconscious more than twice in the fight. It’s safe to assume that when Kaido was defeated he was in a weakened state due to exhaustion and not at his peak strength. Kaido has enormous strength with a mythical zoan devil fruit. He can also efficiently use all three Haki. 


As the story progresses and the exploration of the characters of Shanks and Blackbeard, these rankings are bound to change. The mystery around these characters will have some shocking revelations to offer. 

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