One Piece: Top 5 things to expect from the Elbaf Arc

One Piece Top 5 things to expect from the Elbaf Arc

As one of the final islands the Straw Hats need to visit before Laugh Tale, the upcoming Elbaf arc in One Piece is highly anticipated. The recent revelations in One Piece Chapter 1090’s spoilers revealed that the next destination of the Straw Hats is going to be Elbaf. Several developments have been set up that will likely unfold on this island of giants. Let’s explore the Top 5 things to expect from the Elbaf Arc.

One Piece: Top 5 things to expect from the Elbaf Arc

5. The Next Villain

Starting with the obvious one, we don’t yet know who will be the Villain of the Elbaf Arc. Given how strong the Straw Hats have gotten, this new villain should at least be emperor-level.

Elbaf’s adversary could be someone unexpected like Edward Weevil, who has ties to Whitebeard, or even a Navy Admiral. However, the arc may also introduce a new threat related to Elbaf’s lore or the Road Poneglyph search. Either way, a formidable foe surely awaits the Straw Hats.

4. Luffy Meeting Shanks

One Piece Gear 5th Luffy preview released Does it live upto the hype : One Piece anime
Young Luffy in the earlier episodes of One Piece | Image Courtesy via IMDb

After making a promise years ago, Luffy vowed to face Shanks again only once he became a great pirate. With Luffy now a Yonko, their reunion may finally happen at Elbaf where the Red-Hair Pirates were last seen.

It would be an emotional moment as Luffy shows how far he’s come since their first meeting in Foosha Village. However, whether it would be a peaceful reunion or a clash between two Emperor crews is yet to be seen.

3. Nico Robin Meets Jaguar D. Saul

Robin was traumatized as a child when her friend Saul seemingly died protecting her during Ohara’s destruction. However, it was recently revealed Saul survived and is in hiding at Elbaf. Their emotional reunion is inevitable on the island and will be a huge moment for Robin’s character.

She may finally get closure after over 20 years. This also proves to be a chance to learn more about the Will of D, given that Saul also possesses it.

2. Usopp’s Time to Shine

A Journey Before One Piece Episode 1062 Unveiling every Straw Hat Pirate's Dreams
Usopp | Picture courtesy of Crunchyroll

The sniper has always dreamed of visiting Elbaf and becoming a brave warrior of the sea. With its focus on honor and combat, Elbaf offers the perfect chance for Usopp to step up and prove his courage. It is highly likely that Usopp would get his own moment to shine in this arc, perhaps he might even evolve his Color of Observation to Future Sight.

1. The Final Road Poneglyph

Elbaf is one of the likely locations of the last Road Poneglyph needed to reach Laugh Tale. There is a high chance that the fabled ‘Man Marked by Flames’ is camping out at Elbaf. He might as well be the main villain of the arc for all we know.

Either through befriending someone familiar with it or clashing against an enemy in possession of it, the Straw Hats will surely obtain the final key to deciphering the Laugh Tale’s location.


With these and other exciting developments in store, Elbaf is shaping up to be a monumental arc. It will fulfill many long-awaited payoffs while moving the final saga forward. The Straw Hats will need to be at their very best to overcome whatever waits for them at Elbaf and achieve their dreams.

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