Oshi No Ko chapter 123 leaks: what Ruby being in love with her brother means for the manga now

Oshi No Ko leaks: What Ruby being in love with Aqua means for the manga?

The latest Oshi no Ko leaks brought forth mixed reactions from its readers. Chapter 123 evoked both admiration and disappointment, as it shed light on Ruby’s character in unexpected ways. While we learned a lot about Ruby’s side of the story and how she suffered trying to avenge her mother, it also left some fans feeling let down after Ruby asked Aqua to marry her.

But what does this mean for Oshi No Ko’s manga going forward? Some fans on Twitter and Reddit are threatening to drop the manga, but will the author really go down this path? This article explores the implications of Ruby’s emotional revelation and its potential consequences for the future of Oshi no Ko.

Oshi No Ko: How will Aqua react to Ruby’s confession?

Oshi No Ko leaks: What Ruby being in love with Aqua means for the manga?
Ruby in Oshi No Ko season 1 [Image via Doga Kobo]
  • Given the author’s previous stance on the incest trope and the established traits of Aqua’s character, it seems highly unlikely that the manga will follow this direction. Aka Akasaka, the author, has been vocal about his disinterest in incorporating the incest trope into his works.
  • Furthermore, it would be out of character for Aqua to not firmly reject Ruby’s advances. There is a fair chance that the Oshi No Ko leaks could be misleading.

Considering Oshi No Ko’s reputation for realistic characters and the portrayal of complex emotions, it is more plausible that Ruby’s childish affection will evolve into a genuine sisterly bond.

The manga has consistently provided nuanced portrayals of characters and their growth, allowing readers to connect on a deeper level. Therefore, there is hope that the narrative will navigate this situation with authenticity and offer a satisfying resolution for both Ruby and Aqua.

How would the incest trope change Oshi No Ko’s characters and themes?

Oshi No Ko leaks: What Ruby being in love with Aqua means for the manga?
Ruby in Oshi No Ko season 1 [Image via Doga Kobo]
Ruby and Aqua, as the reincarnations of Sarina and Dr. Watanabe respectively, share a unique bond rooted in their admiration for their mother, Ai Hoshino. This complex web of relationships and identities shapes their personalities, motivations, and goals.

If the story were to follow the incest trope that the Oshi No Ko leaks suggest, Ruby’s confession of love to Aqua would introduce a shocking twist that could significantly impact their characters and the underlying themes of the manga.

  • In many ways, Ruby’s confession could be seen as an expression of her lingering feelings for Dr. Watanabe, her protector and savior in her previous life. This would evoke a sense of unresolved emotions and delve into the depths of their interconnected pasts. Additionally, it would blur the lines between Ruby’s past and present identities, confusing familial and romantic love.

The trope’s impact also affects Aqua, who has to deal with Ruby’s confession. Knowing that Ruby is Sarina’s reincarnation, he might see her as a mere pawn, like Akane or the other B-Komachi members. This outcome might seem out of character for Aqua, but it is not impossible, and it could create unexpected twists and conflicts.


If the Oshi no Ko leaks are true, they could change Ruby’s character, relationships, and motivations drastically. While the author, Aka Akasaka, has expressed a disinterest in utilizing the incest trope, the uncertainties and unpredictability of his storytelling cannot be entirely ruled out. Should the manga take this direction, Ruby’s character could undergo significant transformations, potentially leading to an identity crisis and shifts in behavior. Aqua’s response to Ruby’s confession also poses intriguing possibilities, including the potential for unexpected conflicts and the exploration of his character’s growth.

As readers, we can anticipate and speculate about the direction the manga will take, but only time will reveal the true path chosen by the author. Regardless of the outcome, Oshi no Ko continues to captivate with its engaging storytelling, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter to unravel the intricacies of Ruby, Aqua, and the profound bond they share.

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