Here’s why Oshi no Ko live action might stray away from the original story

Oshi no Ko Live action stars

Just when you thought that live-action anime is getting better at recreating the printed pages to screen, we get the news about Oshi no Ko live action adaptation, the critically-acclaimed manga by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari. This highly anticipated project is a two-pronged attack, featuring a drama series streaming on Amazon Prime Video and a separate movie hitting theaters distributed by Toei.

In early 2023, the Oshi no Ko manga had well-received anime adaptation that aired earlier this year, which significantly increased the series’ popularity. The anime even boasted the chart-topping song “Idol” by YOASBI, becoming the first Japanese song to reach the summit of the US Billboard Global Chart. But will it be able to mimic the same reception at silver screen? Let’s explore what makes Oshi no Ko’s transition to live-action so interesting.

Creative Liberty in Oshi no Ko Live Action might change the plot

Ruby with the rest of the cast in the backdrop from Oshi no Ko anime
A still from Oshi no Ko anime (Image via Doga Kobo Studio)

“Oshi no Ko” takes place within the dazzling, yet demanding world of entertainment. This setting itself injects a lot of conspiracy. The series cleverly plays with the very concept of adaptation by including a scene where a live-action version of a fictional manga is being discussed. In this scene, Ruby, one of the main characters, critiques a live-action drama based on a girls’ comic. She acknowledges the solid direction but criticizes the inclusion of original characters absent from the source material.

This scene serves as a clever bit of meta-commentary, making us wonder if the Oshi no Ko live action will follow suit and introduce characters that are not present in the manga.

Flexibility of storytelling

Ruby playfully shushing a character in Oshi no Ko anime
A still from Oshi no Ko anime (Image via Doga Kobo Studio)

One advantage live action adaptations on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video hold is the freedom in episode length. Unlike traditional TV dramas confined to rigid 30 or 60-minute slots, streaming services offer flexibility. Episodes can range from 55 to 70 minutes, allowing for a potentially more faithful adaptation.

This flexibility eliminates the concern of crucial scenes being cut from the original work to fit a specific time constraint.

  • However, the question of original characters still remains unanswered. While the main cast has been revealed, further information regarding the inclusion of additional characters is yet to be disclosed.
  • An original character, as referred to by Ruby’s comment, could add twist to the story, potentially making the live-action experience different than the original anime.

This brings us back to the much-discussed question of the topic – Should live-action adaptations or anime adaptations bring in a new experience, separate from the main content? Taking the example of Dragon Ball franchise, where there has been multiple separate adaptations that did not fit in the main storyline, yet was loved by the fans. Can such a liberty be successful in franchises other than Akira-sensei’s trophy?

If the directors are daring enough, they might bring in original characters, in a way that does not hamper the main storyline while also allowing audience to love these new entries. The only issue at hand would be to pull it off successful. Well it is something we will know when the Live Action draws near, here’s a fun fact till then.

Did you know? Ai, the main character in “Oshi no Ko,” shares her first name with Ai Hayasaka, a popular character from the manga “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”! Since both works were written by the same author, Aka Akasaka. Wonder if there’s any hidden connection there? For more of such anime related facts subscribe to the Spiel Anime Newsletter, and never miss any news.

Cast and crew

Live Action cast of Ai, Aqua, and Ruby from Oshi no Ko
Oshi no Ko Live action stars (Image via Toei Company)

The live action Oshi no Ko has a promising cast from Japanese industry:

  • Aqua Hoshino: Played by Kaito Sakurai, who known for his live-action roles in “Blue Spring Ride” and “Vivant.”
  • Ai Hoshino: Played by Asuka Saito, a former member of the popular idol group Nogizaka46.
  • Ruby Hoshino: Played by Nagisa Saito, a former member of the idol group =Love.
  • Kana Arima: Played by Nanoka Hara, also known for her voice acting role as Suzume Iwato in the anime “Suzume.”
  • Akane Kurokawa: Played by Mizuki Kayashima.
  • Mem-Cho: Played by the singer and YouTuber, ano.

Potential release for Oshi no Ko live action adaptation

Ai making a heart sign in Oshi no Ko
A still from Oshi no Ko anime (Image via Doga Kobo Studio)

Winter 2024 is the target release window, so fans won’t have to wait too long to witness this highly anticipated project come to fruition. While we are not completely sure about what part of the plot could be covered in the limited time-frame of the movie, we can be sure that the series to be released on Amazon may stay faithful to the original plot.

In any way, with such a talented cast and team behind the work, Oshi no Ko live action will definitely keep us keen for the release, till then, Adios.

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