Ousama Ranking: Will kings other than Dessha make an appearance?

Osama Ranking: will kings other than Dessha make an appearance?

When Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) graced our screens, it captivated viewers with its enchanting artwork and endearing protagonist.

The first season left us yearning for more, and now, as we eagerly await the return of this beloved anime in 2024, fans can’t help but wonder if they will encounter any of the other legendary kings in the second season.

Will Kings Other Than Desha Make an Appearance?

Will Kings other than Dessha make an appearance?
King Desha in Ousama Ranking [Image via WIT Studio]
Throughout the first season of Ousama Ranking, the spotlight was primarily on Desha, the formidable King of the Underworld. Understandably so, as Desha played a significant role as one of the major antagonists. However, aside from Desha, the only other King who garnered considerable screen time was Bosse, Bojji’s father.

  • As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of season two, fans can look forward to the anime exploring the inclusion of other Kings in the narrative. The upcoming season will adapt volumes 13-16 of the manga, where Bojji, determined to become a king through his own efforts, embarks on a journey to travel the world alongside his loyal companion Kage.
  • As Bojji’s adventures unfold, he will find himself standing at the doorsteps of various kingdoms. While these initial encounters may involve Kings who are not particularly notable, the story’s progression holds the promise of introducing some of the most legendary Kings we could imagine!

When will Ousama Ranking: Ranking of Kings season two come out?

Ousama Ranking Season 2
Bojji in Ousama Ranking [Image via WIT Studio]
  • As of now, an official announcement regarding the release date of Season 2 of Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) is yet to be made. While we eagerly await confirmation, it is worth noting that assuming the second season is approved, we can anticipate its arrival sometime in 2024. However, if WIT Studios decides to produce a 12-episode second season, the release date could potentially be moved up.

The hopes and excitement for season two remain high, especially after the airing of Ousama Ranking: Treasure Chest of Courage in April 2023. This mini spin-off series serves as a delightful treat for fans, offering ten twenty-minute episodes that delve into side stories occurring between the main events of the original series. To further enjoy the world of Ousama Ranking, fans can stream this mini-series on Crunchyroll.


With the potential inclusion of other legendary kings in the upcoming season, fans can anticipate a deeper exploration of the mesmerizing world of Ousama Ranking. Bojji’s journey to become a king through his own power promises to lead him to various kingdoms, where encounters with rulers both notable and unexpected may shape his destiny.

While the release date for season two remains unconfirmed, the recent airing of Ousama Ranking: Treasure Chest of Courage provides fans with a mini spin-off series to enjoy in the meantime. The compilation of side stories offers further insights into the world and characters we have grown to love, keeping our enthusiasm for the series alive.

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