Paradox Live Anime – What is it and when is it coming?

Paradox Live Anime what is it and when is it coming

Upcoming anime Paradox Live THE ANIMATION released its teaser and trailer setting the stage for its October release. Paradox Live is a media-mix project, a design that reaches its audience through different means such as concerts, CDs, and merchandise. The media mix project was started by Avex and GCREST, they have CDs, manga, an upcoming anime, Twitter accounts of the rappers, live shows, a YouTube channel, and an upcoming mobile game.

Paradox Live has released many albums and singles since 2019 when the project started.

What is Paradox Live – The plot 

Paradox Live, the media mix rap music project has 29 voice actors and 4 teams. The setting is based in futuristic Japan where the members wear Phantometal accessories. The Phantometal diffuses with their DNA and creates an emotional reaction making them go through illusions of their past trauma. This is called a trap reaction, it helps them create illusions on stage with the trauma as a side effect. 

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The four groups are BAE comprising 3 members, the cat’s whiskers comprising 4 members, Cozmez is a duo and Akan Yatsura with 5 members in it. They compete against each other in Paradox Live, the club which has come back into existence after a decade.

If they win this competition they win prize money as well as a chance to battle against the duo Buraikan. There are also 4 new groups. All these groups have different music styles and they fight to be the winning group.


Four more groups are added as the competition goes on. The additions are AMPRULE which is a duo, VISTY with 4 members, Goku Luck which is a group of 4 members and 1Nm8 which is a trio. They also participate in the competition to assert their dominance over the hip-hop scene. 

When is it coming 

The anime for paradox live was announced at the end of the Paradox Live second dope show in 2022. Since then fans have been waiting for the anime series to see their favourite performers in a comparatively normal way as compared to their onstage flashy presence. The release of the key visual and the teaser trailer have fans excited for the fall release. The anime will come out in October 2023, produced by Studio Pine Jam.

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Image Courtesy of Studio Pine Jam

The cast of the show

The project has some notable voice actors associated with it. Some of them are : 

  • Gakuto Kajiwara, the voice actor of Asta from Black Clover will be voicing Allen Susagano from BAE. 
  • Ryuta Takeuchi will be voicing Naoakira Saimon from the Cat’s Whiskers
  • Kanata Yatonokami of Cozmez will be voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Takayuki Kondo will be voicing Iori Suiseki of Akanyatsura 

The story of the anime series is not revealed yet. Fans have their fingers crossed for a good adaptation. As of now the official YouTube channel features the music created by the groups.


Fans who have been following the project since its beginning are hyped for the upcoming anime release. The Paradox Live anime will give a different look into the characters’ lives, with some more sneak peeks it’ll be easy to get past the waiting time.

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