Top 10 Paul Atreides and Eren Jaeger similarities

both paul atreides and eren yeager stand in front of explosions with their backs facing the camera

After his father’s death, Paul Atreides’ life changed forever. In Dune Part Two, we see Paul emerge as a Messiah. A young one at that, who shoulders the fate of millions all by himself. His character undergoes massive changes throughout the story to become a severely morally gray character. If you’re an anime fan, and Paul’s description doesn’t remind you of Eren Yeager, it’s time to brush up on your Attack on Titan memories. 

Because Paul Atreides and Eren Yeager are similar characters with tragic lives. Every major turning point in their journey is reminiscent of the other’s journey. So hop onto the holy sandworm as we navigate through the Arrakis deserts to list the top Paul Atriedes and Eren Yeager similarities. 

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All the Paul Atreides and Eren Jaeger Similarities listed

10. Their new lives begin with the Death of a Parent

Eren's mom stands behind him and they both look in the same direction
Young Eren with his Mom | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The death of Duke Atreides uproots Paul’s life entirely. He loses everyone besides his mother and Duncan. He is left with no other option but to restart his life and he does that among the Fremen. As for Eren, the death of his mother is the beginning of the terror that the titans pose to the inhabitants of the Paradis Island.

He restarts his life with the aim of survival and defeating his opponents. Even Greisha’s death played a similar role in Eren’s journey, he was pushed into the grand scheme of things when Greisha made Eren eat him.

9. They experience major turning points

Erenn kneels down in front of Historia whereas Paul can be seen drinking something
Eren kisses Historia’s hand and Paul drinks the Water of Life | Image Courtesy of Studio Wit and Warner Bros Pictures

For both Eren and Paul, one moment in their life turned their lives upside down. It was the moment Eren kissed Historia’s hand and for Paul, when he drank the water of life. At that moment, they knew how everything began and what lies ahead. The weight of Humanity fell onto their shoulders, making them responsible for the lives of millions. 

8. Similar Supernatural Abilities 


The turning points also bestowed them with similar powers. The power to see the past, future, and the memories of their successors and predecessors. Eren could control the other titans and Eldians with his powers, he had the ability to manipulate their actions and persuade them to do anything. Similarly, Paul could control others with the voice. 

7. Victim of their Circumstances: Parents’ decision

A lady with incantations on her face and blue eyes in the movie dune
Jessica chose to make Paul the next Bene Gesserit | Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Neither Paul nor Eren had a choice or a say in how their lives would be. Their circumstances pushed them to take decisions of an overwhelming magnitude. Greisha made the decision to pass on the titan powers to Eren, leading him down a path of misfortune. Lady Jessica did the same in Paul’s case by training him to be a Bene Gesserit. 

6. They were unaware of their Descents

Eren and Zeke are standing behind Greisha who looks frightened
Eren, Greisha, and Zeke | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Eren was completely clueless about his Eldian roots. He knew nothing about his father’s past, the real identity of the titan he wanted to seek revenge on, or his step brother Zeke. This is also the reason why their reunion was both surprising and exciting. On the other hand, Paul had no clue about the familial background of Jessica, especially the identity of his grandfather. 

5. Their following

Stilgar is squatting on the sand with all the Fremen standing behind him in Dune Part Two
Stilgar: the leader of Fremen, who were all dedicated to Paul | Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

In their new missions, they gained a dedicated following in the form of Fremen and Yeagerists. Both these groups were discriminated against and exploited to some extent. They idolized Eren and Paul in the hopes of getting them the fair treatment they deserve. For Paul, the mission was to lead the Fremen to Paradise and the well-being of his loved ones for Eren. 

4. Loss of Guiding Forces

Duncan from Dune Part Two looks sideways with severe expressions on his face
Duncan was Paul’s guiding force | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Every time somebody came around to act as a guiding force for Eren, he lost them shortly afterwards. Starting with Hannes, team Levi, and finally Erwin. Everybody who took it upon themselves to protect him or guide him to use his new powers in the right manner couldn’t be around for longer. 

Similarly, those who were capable of guiding Paul left him too soon like his father and Duncan. Even Gurney wasn’t around when Paul was making crucial decisions. 

3. Tragic Love: Their friends turned into their enemies

Mikasa and Zendaya as Chani side by side
Mikasa and Chani | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The decisions Paul and Eren made put a strain on their relationship with their loved ones. The choice to do everything by himself distanced Eren from Mikasa. Even though Eren only wanted to protect his friends, his way of doing it put unnecessary distance between them. 

Chani chose to be by Paul’s side and helped him become stronger. But to get to the next step and a higher position, Paul decided to marry Princess Irulan, leaving Chani behind. Both Paul and Eren were dedicated to Chani and Mikasa. Their feelings were sincere and honest but they ended up sabotaging these precious bonds with everything that was going on around them. 

2. War is the only solution

Several titans can be seen in a red light during the Rumbling in Attack on Titan
The Rumbling in Attack on Titan | Image Courtesy via IMDb

With the added context from their powers about their respective worlds and their lived experiences, they come to the conclusion that war is the only outcome. Believing in that, they wage war risking the lives of millions. 

While we already know how Eren initiated the war and where it led him, we’re yet to find out how things proceed for Paul with the Holy War. The outcome of the Holy War might be different from the Rumbling differentiating their journeys, but at present Paul is walking down the same path as Eren. 

1. They were trapped in a pre-destined path

Eren says something in Greisha's ears who kistens to it with his eyes wide open
Eren orders Greisha to take the Founding Titan | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The concept of time was warped for Eren. Everything existed at once with no sense of the past, present, or future. He had already seen how things were supposed to be which narrowed his vision. Additionally he was extremely young, lacking the necessary knowledge which could have helped him make a different decision. Everything was already decided for Eren from the moment he got the titan powers. 

Compared to Eren, Paul was extremely cautious and dedicated to not follow the pre-destined path. He tried his best to not follow the prophecy but every detour led him to the same destination, leaving him no choice. Even with choices, his vision was altered and blurred with all the information he had. 

Similar Journeys don’t mean similar ends, or do they? 

While we have already reached the end of Eren’s journey, we’re yet to see what the future holds for Paul (at least in the movies). But the path he has embarked upon signals towards a bleak and catastrophic end, further accentuating the similarities between the two characters.

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