Pluto Anime debuts new trailer at Anime Expo 2023 and confirms release date!

Pluto Anime debuts new trailer at Anime Expo 2023 and confirms release date!

Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto has been the subject of fervent anticipation since its confirmation back in 2017. However, it was the recent trailer at Anime Expo 2023 that truly set hearts racing, as it confirmed the long-awaited release date and revealed that the anime will be available for streaming on Netflix in the upcoming fall season.

The two-minute trailer managed to leave spectators breathless, showcasing its exceptional animation quality and haunting soundtrack. Nevertheless, those familiar with Urasawa’s previous works (which include masterpieces like Monster and 20th Century Boys) understand that the trailer merely scratches the surface of Pluto’s morbid undertones and intricate plot.

Pluto Anime Release Date And Where To Watch 

Pluto Anime: Release Date And Where To Watch
Atom in Pluto anime trailer [Image via Netflix]
  • The Pluto anime is marked for release on October 26, 2023, and will be available exclusively on Netflix. While some anime series opt for a weekly release schedule, we expect that Netflix will release the entire Pluto series at once, allowing fans to indulge in an immersive experience.

Pluto’s original manga consists of a total of eight volumes, leaving fans curious about whether the anime adaptation will encompass the entire story within a single season or if there are plans for a second part. Should the creators choose to wrap up the narrative in one go, it is possible that some of the intricate details from the manga may not make their way into the anime. Nonetheless, this leaves room for surprises and allows the anime to stand as its own unique rendition of the source material.

Who is the creative team behind Netflix’s Pluto?

Toshio Kawaguchi to direct Netflix's Pluto anime
A still from Pluto Anime [Image via Netflix]
  • In terms of the creative team behind the Pluto anime, viewers can rest assured that they are in capable hands. Toshio Kawaguchi, a highly acclaimed director with an impressive portfolio, including notable works such as “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” “Akira,” and several films from Studio Ghibli, will be at the helm.
  • Kawaguchi’s experience and expertise in delivering visually stunning and thought-provoking productions make him a promising choice to bring Urasawa’s vision to life on the screen.

What is Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto about? What to expect from the anime?

Pluto anime plot explained
Gesicht in the new Pluto anime [Image via Netflix]

The story begins with a shocking incident: the destruction of Mont Blanc, a formidable Swiss robot, and the murder of a man named Bernard Lanke. Initially appearing unrelated, these two events hold a striking connection – the bodies of both victims have been grotesquely transformed into a chilling collage, adorned with makeshift horns near their heads.

Pluto anime plot details
A still from Pluto’s trailer [Image via Netflix]
  • Interpol assigns the investigation to Gesicht, a robot detective. The detective determines that the gruesome work is the handiwork of a resentful human, as no robot is believed to possess the capability to commit such acts.
  • However, as the story takes a dark turn, Gesicht discovers a startling revelation: not only is the killer a robot, but Gesicht himself, as one of the seven great robots of the world, is the next target.

Pluto delves into the depths of a complex and morally ambiguous world, challenging the distinction between man and machine, and unraveling a web of intrigue that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As the narrative unfolds, the series raises profound questions about the essence of humanity and the consequences of playing god with artificial life.


Naoki Urasawa’s highly anticipated Pluto anime is set to captivate audiences with its dark and realistic reimagination of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy series. This psychological thriller delves into the blurred boundaries between humans and robots in a world of coexistence. With a visually stunning animation and haunting soundtrack showcased in the recent trailer at Anime Expo 2023, the anticipation for this gripping tale is undeniable.

Scheduled for release on October 26, 2023, exclusively on Netflix, the Pluto anime promises a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience. Under the skilled direction of Toshio Kawaguchi, known for his work on iconic anime titles, the series explores themes of identity, morality, and the consequences of artificial life.

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