Quanzhi Fashi: How many elements can Mo Fan use?

Quanzhi Fashi How many elements can Mo Fan use

Quanzhi Fashi or Versatile Mage is a Chinese anime produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, of which Mo Fan is the lead protagonist. The anime is based on a web novel of the same name and it has a total of 5 seasons which aired from 2016 till 2021. Mo Fan is the destined guardian and also a friend of Azure Dragon, the Beast Totem leader.

He is known as the Great Demon King, Magic God, Deathbringer of Dongting Lake, etc. among many others. Mo Fan is a Forbidden Curse Mage and in this article, we will explore the different elemental forms of magic which he can summon.

Mo Fan in Quanzhi Fashi – A look into the character

Mo Fan in Quanzhi Fashi is an extremely intelligent and loving person. He loves his father and sister very much, but he is also a rebellious character by nature. He was also despised and oppressed by the rich and powerful Mu Family. After his transportation to the magic world, Mo Fan lacked the basic common sense of the people there, which led to the further worsening of his situation.

Quanzhi Fashi How many elements can Mo Fan use
Mo Fan in Quanzhi Fashi. (Image credit goes to Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment)

Mo Fan is also presented as a somewhat greedy character, and he has a very high aptitude for strategic thinking. He is also shown to have a very soft side, and he has a deep respect for scholars. He is an avid learner and his strength comes from his desire to experiment and learn from his experiences, with his intuitive abilities playing a massive role in it.

What is Mo Fan’s Forbidden Curse Demon Element?

  • Mo Fan is a Forbidden Curse Mage and his Forbidden Curse Demon Element in Quanzhi Fashi basically encompasses all other magic elements.
  • Any normal mage is able to awaken only one element with every tier, but with the use of the Forbidden Curse Demon Element, Mo Fan is able to awaken a lot more magic elements in one go.
Quanzhi Fashi How many elements can Mo Fan use
Mo Fan using Lightning Magic. (Image credit goes to Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment)

Mo Fan has awoken the following elements so far: Fire, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, Summon, Space, Devil, and Chaos. These elements which Mo Fan has awakened have been done through his Forbidden Curse Magic and he believes that there exists another tier beyond the Forbidden Curse level, which makes Mo Fan Emperor Level and he reached the initial stages of the Magic Creator God’s level.

How strong is Mo Fan and his Forbidden Curse Magic?

Mo Fan and his magical powers in Quanzhi Fashi have been strengthened to an incomprehensible level. Moreover, his pendant is the vessel for the Leader of the Four Great Sacred Beasts: Azure Dragon. This pendant allows him to capture the souls of the defeated beasts and convert them into spiritual and elemental essences.

Quanzhi Fashi How many elements can Mo Fan use
Xinxia- Mo Fan’s Love interest. (Image credit goes to Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment)

Moreover, Mo Fan and his Lightning and Fire elements become one, the former with his acupuncture points and the latter with his heart, making him a user of extraordinary powers. Moreover, the Shadow element becomes one with his arteries, Earth in his bones, Chaos in his left eye, Void in his right eye, and his blood infusing with the Devil element. Mo Fan and his forbidden magic allow him to use all of these elements and infusing them with his body parts makes him the strongest Mage to exist, even stronger than Archangel Michael.


Mo Fan and his incredible Forbidden Curse Magic in Quanzhi Fashi allow him to be a user of almost all elements, even the inferior stardusts. He is a user of a different universe, and his magic form in this universe allows him to surpass the conventions and even rise above the rules of magic.

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