Ragna Crimson Anime: Release date + New trailer

Ragna Crimson Anime: Release date + New trailer

Ragna Crimson anime is a captivating Japanese anime series based on KOBAYASHI Daiki’s manga and is destined to fascinate audiences all over the world. Fans are excited to discover more about the release date, interesting plot, and where to watch this thrilling dragon-hunting adventure, which is just around the corner.

The third promotional video for the TV anime adaptation of Daiki Kobayashi’s manga “Ragna Crimson” was posted on Thursday on the official website. This preview reveals that the anime will begin with a one-hour premiere episode that will set the tone for the series. The special showing will be hosted at Shinjuku Piccadilly to mark its launch.

Ragna Crimson Anime: what will it be about?

Ragna Crimson Anime: Release date + New trailer
A scene from the Ragna Crimson trailer. (Image credit goes to Studio SilverLink)

Ragna Crimson is based on Daiki Kobayashi’s dark fantasy manga, which debuted in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker in 2017 and has 12 volumes as of June 2023. Ragna Crimson’s tale revolves around Ragna, a dragon hunter who teams up with Leo, the strongest dragon hunter of all. Despite his lack of natural skill for dragon hunting, Ragna is resolved to devote his life to the cause. The world is ruled by dragons. The dragons’ kingdoms are the land, sky, and seas, and only a few have the courage to fight and slay them. To accomplish such a feat, one must transcend their limitations and become an all-powerful being.

Crimson is another person who joins Ragna with the same goal. While Crimson’s purpose remains a mystery, its goal stays the same. A quest for dominance will push Ragna and Crimson to their limits as they strive to destabilize their world’s power structure.

New Key Visual released for Ragna Crimson anime

Ragna Crimson Anime: Release date + New trailer
Ragna in the anime Ragna Crimson. (Image credit goes to Studio SilverLink)

The Ragna Crimson anime adaptation will be released in Japan on September 30 with a one-hour episode. In addition to the release date announcement, a new trailer and key visual has been released for the anime. The first episode of Ragna Crimson will also be broadcast in advance on September 2 at Shinjuku Piccadilly. Chiaki Kobayashi and Ayumu Murase will be on hand for a post-screening discussion.

The Ragna Crimson anime has been animated by Studio SilverLink and the new trailer has given the audience a glimpse of the aesthetically pleasing animation, paired with the opening song titled “ROAR” by Ulma Sound Junction.

The Ragna Crimson key visual features the main character Ragna in the foreground, with Crimson and Voltekamui flanking him. In the background, there is a flying figure that resembles Ultimatia from the Animanga series. This new dark-fantasy anime will take the viewers on a journey to the world of dragons and warriors. 

Where to watch the Ragna Crimson anime

Takehito Koyasu and Reina Ueda, who play Grymwelte and Ultimatia, are introduced in the new character trailer. The trailer debuted in March at AnimeJapan and features dragon hunter Ragna, voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, and his partner Crimson, portrayed by Ayumu Murase, on their journey to destroy the extremely powerful monsters.

While the anime is anticipated to air in Japan on Tokyo MX or Osaka TV, international fans want to know where they can watch the series online. Although there has been no official confirmation yet, prominent streaming services such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and HIDIVE are potential candidates for airing the anime to reach international fans.


Ragna Crimson Anime: Release date + New trailer
a still from the Ragna Crimson anime trailer. ()Image credit goes to Studio SilverLink

This new anime is going to be released this fall on 30th September. Ragna Crimson is surely going to be an exciting anime series full of action, adventure, and the undying conflict between dragons and their hunters. With the anime’s release date approaching us, fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the enthralling world of fantasy, dragons, and hunters with Ragna Crimson.

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