Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is set during the Viking Age, when people did practically everything by hand, from home duties to chopping down trees and killing their foes on the battlefield. The Vikings in Vinland Saga are very powerful physically. Thorfinn Karlsefni, a young and brave warrior who pursues vengeance against Askeladd, his father’s murderer, is the protagonist of the television series.

All the characters ranked in this article have their own characteristics, their strengths, and weaknesses. We will be taking a look at the top 10 most powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga, irrespective of them being villains or the heroes of the show.

Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga

Let’s take a look at the most powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga.

10. Prince Canute

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Prince Canute. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Canute is King Sweyn’s son and the heir to the thrones of Denmark and England. He is one among the princes competing for the crown, and Askeladd chooses to support Canute. Canute is a feeble and shy prince who can barely speak for himself at the start of the series.

  • Many people may find him slightly bothersome at first. He undergoes a process of metamorphosis after Askeladd’s death.
  • Canute develops into a harsh and ambitious leader who seeks to establish a paradise for his followers by conquering lands and abolishing violence. He’s also divided about Thorfinn, whom he regards as both a friend and an opponent.

9. Bjorn

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Bjorn. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Bjorn, Askeladd’s most devoted warrior, and his right-hand man, is a brawny and formidable Viking in any combat. Bjorn is a highly competent and resilient fighter who has survived many conflicts against other Vikings and English warriors.

  • He was a famed berserker and scruffy fighter with a sword and shield. After taking specific mushrooms, he would sometimes enter a state of fury, losing control and thinking. He has the ability to take down multiple opponents at once.
  • He admired Askeladd’s knowledge and leadership, and he trusted his judgment. He died at Gainsborough while defending Canute against King Sweyn’s troops, where he was attacked with arrows and spears until he fainted.

Bjorn was a character in Vinland Saga who exemplified the spirit of loyalty and bravery. He was a fearless warrior who would die for his friend. He was also a straightforward and honest man who liked fighting.

8. Snake

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Snake. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Snake is one of Ketil’s farm guards, but unlike troublemakers like Fox, Snake takes his responsibilities seriously and is tough but fair. Snake wasn’t quite a father figure to Thorfinn, but he did defend him from Fox’s bullying and was clearly more talented than Fox.

Snake is always intriguing. There is a lot about his character that is unknown. We never learn what he did to deserve exile or what job he held before his exile. What we do know is that he is a clever, just, and capable fighter hidden under his sluggish demeanor.

7. Gudrid

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Gudrid.(Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Gudrid, Ketil’s daughter-in-law, is a young lady who lives on Ketil’s property. Unsatisfied with her unrealized goal of traveling the world, she meets Thorfinn while working as a slave and falls in love with him. She then leaves home as a sailor to join Leif’s crusade, becoming Thorfinn’s wife and friend. She is also a loyal and supportive partner who stands by Thorfinn.

6. Askeladd

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Askeladd. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Askeladd is a charismatic and cunning Viking who serves as Thorfinn’s prime enemy throughout the story. He takes on the role of Thorfinn’s tutor, teaching him about human nature, tactics, and survival.

Askeladd could never beat Thors or Thorkell in an arm wrestling match, but he’s strong enough to knock swords right out of most opponents’ hands and keep fighting with great stamina. This moderate strength, paired with his hard-won skill, makes Askeladd an opponent who scares everyone.

5. Einar

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Einar. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Thorfinn became a slave farmhand on Ketil’s farm in Denmark when Askeladd died. After a few years, he met a new slave named Einar, who had been taken to England after his mother and adored young sister had been murdered. He is also a gentle and compassionate person who does not hold hatred or resentment toward his oppressors. Einar is a true friend who sees the good in people.

4. Hild

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Hild. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

When Hild was a youngster, she witnessed Thorfinn murder her father. She went on to become an engineer and inventor, designing technologies and weaponry. She swore she would kill Thorfinn, but Leif persuaded her to join his crew instead.  Her crossbow, her main weapon of choice, is perfect for showing off her massive intellect.

3. Thors

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Thors. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Thors, the adored father of Thorfinn, was previously known as the “Troll of Jom,” a Jomsviking with power and skill that bordered on the supernatural, much like a troll from Norse folklore. Thors, a Jomsviking warrior who had grown sick of combat, abandoned all of his glory to start a family on the Icelandic coast and instilled in his son the value of avoiding conflict.

2. Thorkell

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Thorkell. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Thorkell cannot compete with Thors in terms of sheer skill, and he has previously lost to Thors. Still, Thorkell is the most physically powerful character in Vinland Saga, a titan of war who can take a massive wood and toss it at an enemy from dozens of meters away. That could not be accomplished by a group of ordinary men working together.

Thorkell personifies the spirit of adventure and freedom in Vinland Saga. He lives in combat and is not bothered by the concept of ideologies. He is a devoted Viking to his friends and family, never seeking vengeance or harboring ill will. Thorkell is a straightforward individual who follows his heart.

1. Thorfinn

Ranking the Top 10 Most Powerful Vikings in Vinland Saga
Thorfinn. (Image courtesy of Wit Studios.)

Thorfinn, also known as Karlsefni in the manga and anime Vinland Saga, is the main character. He is a former member of Askeladd’s band and the son of Thors, the most famous Jomsviking warrior prior to his inexplicable departure earlier in the saga.

  • Thorfinn’s mother, Helga, is the daughter of the chief Sigvaldi and Thorkell’s nephew, making Thorfinn the heir apparent to the Jomsviking throne.
  • Thorfinn began as a weaker fighter than Askeladd but became one of the series‘ strongest fighters as he sought to protect his companions while ensuring that they all get to go to Vinland.

There are many more Vikings in Vinland Saga who are powerful. But here is a list of the most popular powerful Vikings in the Vinland Saga, based on our opinion.

Vinland Saga continues to introduce more cool characters, so stay tuned to know more about the anime, and its characters and stay updated!

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