A comprehensive Re:Zero Watch Order Guide before Season 3 Releases

Re:Zero cast featuring Emilia and Subaru on Re:Zero Watch Order Comprehensive Guide

Among all the isekai titles currently available, Re:Zero has managed to stay relevant and popular all this time, and released multiple anime instalments over the years.

With 50 total episodes so far, plus movies, OVAs, ONAs, and even a director’s cut version, it’s easy for newcomers to get confused about the best way to watch everything before Re:Zero Season 3 comes out.

While some of those extra OVA and ONA side stories can be tough to follow out of order, catching up on Re:Zero isn’t too complicated if you know what you’re getting into.

  • To give you options, we’ve included multiple different watch orders – perfect whether you’re new or a veteran fan.
  • You’ll find the chronological order for watching in complete narrative order, as well asΒ the release order to experience it just like the original audience did.

So, if you’re curious to see what all the Re:Zero hype is about before Season 3, or if you’re just looking for the ideal way to re-watch and get prepared, this guide breaks down all the different paths you can take. For similar detailed recommendations and guides, make sure to check out our anime newsletter!

Complete Re:Zero Watch Order before Season 3

Release Order (Recommended)

A still from Re:Zero anime
A still from Re:Zero anime (Image Courtesy of TMDB)

For most viewers, the simplest and recommended approach is following Re:Zero’s release order:

  1. Season 1 (2016 original broadcast OR 2020 Director’s Cut)
  2. Memory Snow OVA (2018)
  3. Frozen Bond OVA (2019)
  4. Season 2 Part 1 (2020)
  5. Season 2 Part 2 (2021)
  6. Season 3 (TBA)

This allows you to experience the story beats and revelations just as they were originally presented to audiences.

The Original Broadcast vs Director’s Cut

Still from Re:Zero Season 3
Still from Re:Zero Season 3 [Image via Studio White Fox]
In 2020, a Director’s Cut version of Re:Zero’s first season was released, trimming the original 25 episodes down to 13, hour-long instalments. While following the core story, this re-edited version features touched-up animation, additional scenes, and minor narrative tweaks.

  • For newcomers, the Director’s Cut is widely recommended as the ideal way to experience Season 1. Improved visuals and pacing make it a smoother introduction. However, veteran fans who watched the original broadcast likely don’t need to revisit the Director’s Cut.

Chronological Order


For fans craving a chronological narrative flow, this is the optimal order:

  1. Frozen Bond OVA
  2. Season 1 (Episodes 1-11 OR Director’s Cut 1-5)
  3. Memory Snow OVA
  4. Season 1 (12-25 OR Director’s Cut 6-13)
  5. Season 2 Part 1
  6. Season 2 Part 2

Note that The Memory Snow OVA is designed to be viewed between the two halves of Season 1 if you’re watching the series in a narrative timeline.

Optional Re:Zero Content:

Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero
Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero [Image via Studio White Fox]
Beyond the main series, Re:Zero has some optional supplemental content:

  • Break Time Spin-Off Season 1 (2016) & Season 2 (2020)
  • Re:PETIT Specials

While entertaining, these side stories are non-essential and can be skipped if you just want to focus on the core narrative.

Marathon before Season 3 releases

Catching up on the dark fantasy world of Re:Zero before Season 3 arrives is easy with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to follow the original release order or a veteran fan craving the seamless chronological experience, all the watch options are laid out. Dive into Subaru’s unique isekai tale of a terrifying time loop whichever way works best for you – just make sure you’re ready when the next chapter of this series begins!

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