What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto?

What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto

The last few chapters of the Boruto manga proved to be quite the rollercoaster, showcasing a cascading sequence of events that ended with Boruto swapping lives with Kawaki and going rogue. As the time-skip draws near fans have been wondering about Boruto’s training with Sasuke. What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto?

A Veteran Rogue

What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto
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Boruto Uzumaki is a rogue ninja now, although technically as “Kawaki”, he was never a shinobi in the first place. Being a rogue ninja is challenging on several levels and one has to be very meticulous in every single move they make to not end up getting caught by the Anbu Black Ops.

  • As a former Rogue Ninja and someone who’s spent the better portion of his life in travels, Sasuke Uchiha is the best mentor Boruto could ask for.
  • He’s the personification of a rogue ninja encyclopedia and can teach Boruto about all the essentials of survival as a wanted criminal.

Sasuke also boasts quite the reputation among all levels of society, from the top governing bodies to the criminal underground and he’d know what buttons to push for what results in the shinobi world.

The Perfect Shinobi


Boruto’s life as a rogue also has to incorporate his training. He’d be facing Otsutsuki-level threats and beyond in the future who couldn’t be defeated through conventional means or through just one power source.

  • Sasuke Uchiha, unlike Naruto, isn’t reliant on one source of power. He has absolute authority and expertise over all kinds of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, all five nature transformation, and two summons and he has shown to be able to create pseudo-Kekkai Genkais.
  • This level of versatility and a broad range of skills will be required for Boruto to face the threats waiting for him.
  • Outside of his skills as a shinobi, what makes Sasuke a true threat to even the Otsutsukis is his intelligence and observational skills. Sasuke’s battle IQ is second to none, and that would be the most important skill Boruto could learn from Sasuke.

Philosophy and Character Development

What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto
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Being a rogue ninja is an ordeal that puts a huge amount of strain on one’s psyche. Boruto has lost almost everything and everyone in his life and is now as helpless and lost as Sasuke once was.

Sasuke’s life experiences, his own rogue escapades, and all the trauma and suffering he went through make him the only person who could understand Boruto’s current predicament.

Did Sasuke have the best development in the series?

  • Sasuke’s entire life is marked with moments of learning, growth, and understanding. As someone who grows the most across the series, Sasuke Uchiha has the best character development in the entire story.
  • Boruto needs guidance to undergo the same kind of growth since with the kind of power he has, it’s easy for him to go down a darker path. Sasuke is the only person who could nurture Boruto into a shinobi with the resilient heart and mind required to survive as a Rogue.

The Role of The Shadow Hokage

What makes Sasuke Uchiha the perfect teacher for Boruto
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The one other common link between Sasuke and Boruto is the roles they play. Boruto aspires to become a shinobi like Sasuke who supports the Hokage from the Shadows. But the responsibilities of a Shadow Hokage are arguably the heaviest ones in the anime.

When tutored by Sasuke, the current Shadow Hokage, Boruto will get to know the true nature of the job and the sacrifices that go with it.

It is only from Sasuke that Boruto can learn how to be ten steps ahead and how to employ the art of espionage, infiltration, and subterfuge, all of which are essential requirements for someone who protects the village from the outside.



With the amount of knowledge, skills, and experiences he brings to the table, no one else can do a better job of mentoring Boruto than Sasuke. The two already have an established dynamic, even though Sasuke’s memories are altered.

As a Dojutsu expert with impeccable visual prowess, Sasuke could also help Boruto understand and use his Jougan when the time arises.



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