Scott Pilgrim Anime: What scenes from the 2010 movie can we expect?

A still from the Scott Pilgrim anime teaser | Image Courtesy of Netflix

In this upcoming Scott Pilgrim anime (Scott Pilgrim Takes Off), developed for Netflix by Bryan Lee O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski, the storyline draws its inspiration from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, which were both written and illustrated by O’Malley. What’s exciting for fans is that the cast from the 2010 film adaptation will be returning to reprise their roles. Mark your calendars, as the series is set to premiere on November 17, 2023.

The series follows the story of Scott Pilgrim, a 22-year-old slacker who finds himself head over heels for Ramona Flowers. However, Scott faces an unusual challenge to win her heart. To date Ramona, he must confront and defeat her seven evil exes, each possessing distinctive powers and abilities.

What are the fans expecting the most from the Scott Pilgrim Anime?

The Scott Pilgrim anime has been highly anticipated by fans of both the graphic novels and the 2010 film adaptation. Many are excited to see the story brought to life in a new medium and to experience the unique world of Scott Pilgrim in a new adaptation. The fans are looking forward to the following –

  • Stunning visuals: The anime series is being produced by Science SARU, a Japanese animation studio known for its innovative and visually stunning work. The studio’s previous credits include Devilman Crybaby, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, and Ping Pong the Animation.
  • Faithful adaptation: The series is being developed by Bryan Lee O’Malley himself, so fans can be sure that it will be a faithful adaptation of the graphic novels.
A still from the Scott Pilgrim anime teaser | Image Courtesy of Netflix
Scott’s band Sex Bob-omb | Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Returning cast: The cast of the 2010 film adaptation is reprising their roles for the anime series. This means that fans will be able to hear Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, and the rest of the cast bring their characters to life once again.
  • New music: The Scott Pilgrim movie has some excellent soundtracks. The anime series is sure to feature new music.

What scenes from the 2010 movie can we expect?

The Scott Pilgrim anime is expected to adapt the entire story of the 2010 film, so we can expect to see all of the major scenes from the movie, including:

  • Scott meets Ramona for the first time at Lee’s Palace.
  • Scott vs. Matthew Patel in the Chaos Theatre.
  • Scott vs. Gideon Grave.
Knives from the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off trailer
Knives from Scott Pilgrim Takes Off trailer | Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • Scott vs. Lucas Lee at the Casa Loma.
  • Scott vs. Todd Ingram.
  • Ramona vs. Roxy Richter in the subspace highway.
  • Scott vs. Kyle Katayanagi in the dream world.

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Some specific scenes from the 2010 movie that we can expect to see adapted into the anime:

In addition to the major scenes from the 2010 movie, we can also expect to see a few other specific scenes in the Scott Pilgrim anime that are visually appealing and hilarious:

Scott vs. Mathew Patel
Scott vs. Mathew Patel | Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • The showdown between Ramona and Roxy Richter (the bi-furious girl) in the subspace highway is a standout moment in the movie. It’s visually spectacular, featuring vibrant neon colors and psychedelic visuals.
  • Scott Pilgrim’s fight against Todd Ingram at his workplace is one of the most visually stunning fight scenes in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie. Todd uses his vegan powers to attack Scott in the most unusual ways, this scene is hilarious and filled with jokes just like the rest of the movie.
  • Knives vs. Ramona: Knives, who is initially in love with Scott Pilgrim, learns about his romantic involvement with Ramona. In a fit of jealousy and heartbreak, Knives confronts Ramona.


Fans are looking forward to the Scott Pilgrim anime, excited to find out which scenes from the popular 2010 movie will be included. While we don’t have all the details yet, the idea of revisiting memorable moments and seeing Bryan Lee O’Malley’s original story come to life through animation is what’s making everyone excited. We are sure to experience a visually appealing and faithful adaptation

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