Netflix Scott Pilgrim Anime teaser breakdown: Everything you need to know

Scott Pilgrim Anime Teaser

2023 is the year when Netflix decided to turn the anime community upside down. From animating “My Happy Marriage”, a romance masterpiece, to announcing a live-action series of “One Piece”, one of the best-selling mangas and anime, they have kept the community on its feet.

If that wasn’t enough, Netflix announced an anime adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim Franchise to be released on 17th November. There is a lot to uncover in the Scott Pilgrim Anime Teaser breakdown. So hold on to your seats, and buckle up. We are in for a ride!

Scott Pilgrim Franchise

Scott Pilgrim Franchise started with a series of graphic novels by a Canadian author and comic book artist, Bryan Lee O’Malley. It received much popularity, which led to a movie adaptation of the series. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” was a 2010 romantic action comedy film. It even received a video game adaptation in 2014 under the same name.

The plot revolves around Scott Pilgrim, a bass player for his Indie garage band Sex Bob-Omb. He falls in love with an American Amazon delivery girl, Ramona Flowers, while dating Knives Chau. However, he has to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes to date her. His tale includes many elements that have made it possible to keep fans hooked.

  • He has to defeat Ramona’s exes belonging from a wide range of fields, from a Hollywood Actor to a Ninja.
  • Ramona’s exes were not constricted by gender.
  • He receives buffs allowing him to fight her exes, making it almost a video game.
  • All the fights were executed with a massive pinch of humor, not a sour moment with Pilgrim.

Anime Teaser Breakdown

The trailer starts with a bang of Sex Bob-Omb jamming in their garage. This is the only part of the teaser that screams a little less chaos. From here, every scene becomes a spontaneous chain of art thrown around the screen. There’s so much to take in. Having said that, we get to see the following characters make their appearance:

  • Scott Pilgrim:ย The protagonist of the show.
  • Ramona Flowers:ย Scott’s romantic interest.
  • Matthew Patel: The first Ex that Scott fights.
  • Gideon Graves: The final Ex and the main boss of the series.
  • Knives Chau: Scott’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Roxy Richter: The Lesbian Ninja Ex.
  • Envy Adams: Another one of Scott’s ex-girlfriends.
  • Lucas Lee: Another one of Ramona’s Exes.
  • The twin Kyle and Ken Katayanagi: The fifth and sixth Ex that Scott fights.
  • Wallace Wells: Lead Guitarist of Sex Bob-Omb.
  • Stacey Pilgrim: Drummer of Sex Bob-Omb.

Looking at the teaser, we are in for a vibrant color palette in the show. Ranging from a mix of bright colors to an occasional dull mix to match the situation, the teaser highlights the use ofย  Western comic elements. Elements such as popped-up texts, cartoony expressions, and unreal consequences like disappearing by turning into pixels.

Scott Pilgrim vs. Matthew Patel
Scott vs. Matthew | Courtesy of Netflix

Throughout the video, we can see Scott living his life at the very edge. From constant confrontations with her exes to high-stake symphony war at the Battle of Bands, he and his band Sex Bob-Omb do not get a moment of rest. In addition to her exes, he also has to deal with heartbroken Knives trying to kill Ramona.

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers
Scott and Ramona in the Limbo | Courtesy of Netflix

The teaser also points toward a surrealist take in executing some scenes. Nonetheless, as far as the teaser goes, the show seems to have kept its original unhingedness. There are constant hints of epic battles in the teaser, hinting toward an avant-garde fight at the very end with Gideon.


Unhinged Comedy of Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Anime Glimpse | Courtesy of Netflix

The Franchise is utter madness, and Netflix has taken it upon itself to reflect that in the anime. Be it music or a grand conflict of wills between potential romantic interests, the teaser promises to deliver what the fans are expecting. With the return of the previous cast, fans are expected to stroll down the nostalgia lane while being whooped with a brand-new experience.

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