Shangri La Frontier Episode 20 Recap: Sunraku Defeats Wethermon and Disrupts the Game Narrative

Sunraku facing a Unique Monster

With the airing of episode 20, Shangri-La Frontier has officially wrapped up the intense Tombstone arc that has dominated the last several episodes. After an epic battle against the supremely powerful boss monster Wezaemon the Tombguard, Sunraku and his party have emerged victorious, setting the stage for the story to advance in an exciting new direction.

  • While the Tombstone arc offered no shortage of action and suspense, Shangri-La Frontier is already gearing up for the next phase of the story with the looming return of Lycagon.
  • In case you forgot, Lycagon was the monster that Sunraku fought and lost against early in the anime. During their first battle, Lycagon marked Sunraku with the dreaded Lycagon’s Mark curse, proving Sunraku’s skills impressed the monster enough for him to be deemed a worthy opponent and not mere prey. This mark will likely play a key role when Sunraku and Lycagon cross paths again.

Lycagon serves as a benchmark to measure Sunraku’s growth. Their first battle resulted in a swift defeat, forcing Sunraku to improve his skills. Now much stronger, Sunraku stands a greater chance against Lycagon. However, Lycagon remains a formidable foe, so the outcome is still uncertain.

The end of episode 20 provided the first glimpse of the upcoming “Nightslayer’s Shadow Arc” arc featuring Lycagon, though we are not yet sure whether this conflict will play out within the current season.

Regardless, with the Tombstone arc resolved, Shangri-La Frontier has cleared the slate for the next chapter in Sunraku’s journey.

Shangri La Frontier Episode 20 Recap: The end of the Tombgaurd Arc

Sunraku and Wazaemon's battle in Shangri La Frontier Episode 20
Wazaemon vs Sunraku in Episode 19 in Shangri La Frontier anime. (Image credit goes to Studio C2C )

Shangri-La Frontier’s episode 20 saw Sunraku score a big win by finally taking down Wezaemon. But don’t go celebrating just yet – it turns out Sunraku rattled some cages by defeating the boss way earlier than the game intended.

Before the dust from the Wezaemon ‘s fight could even settle, a curious Rei asked if Sunraku and Arthur were lovers. Sunraku quickly shot that down, much to Rei’s obvious relief. But before she could ask to join Sunraku’s party, her friend-summon timed out, whisking her away and leaving one of Arthur’s swords behind.

  • Meanwhile over at Utopia Entertainment, the devs behind Shangri-La Frontier panic because Wezaemon was meant to be the fourth unique boss killed, not the first.

  • However, Vysache is only satisfied with Wezaemon finally having moved on from her death, and offers Sunraku clues about Shangri-La’s hidden truth in exchange for retrieving mysterious items. Sunraku agrees, before realizing that the fight with Wazaemon shot him up to level 78. He also receives Wethermon’s biography, and a list of Wazaemon’s unique sword moves, though Rakuro must acquire weapons from the Age of Divinity before learning them.

At the respawn point, we got a bittersweet moment as Arthur said goodbye to Setsuna to start his journey over from Level 1 and seek out Bahamut. Meanwhile, Lycagon lies in wait, hungry for a rematch with Sunraku.

Will Sunraku face Lycagon again in Season 1 of Shangri La Frontier?

Will Lycagon come back in Shangri La Frontier Season 1?
A still from Shangri la Frontier anime (Image via C2C Studio)

With only a few episodes left in Shangri La Frontier’s first season (5 more, to be exact, as the season is listed for 25 episodes total), fans are questioning if Sunraku will get a rematch with Lycagon after that teaser in Episode 20. But while Lycagon’s impending return generated hype, it likely won’t happen before the season finale.

  • According to available information, there are still two mini-arcs to wrap up before the show reaches the highly anticipated “Nightslayer’s Shadow” arc featuring Sunraku and Lycagon’s rematch. Given the limited time left, it’s probable Season 1 will conclude before this face-off occurs.
  • Lycagon represents the ultimate test of Sunraku’s growth since their initial encounter. Fans are eager to see how Sunraku fares when he finally battles this menacing benchmark foe again. However, they may need to wait for Season 2 for this payoff, should the anime get renewed as expected.

The series creator is clearly building anticipation for the Sunraku vs Lycagon rematch through intense promotional posters. But they seem to be playing the long game, laying groundwork for the Nightslayer’s Shadow arc to take center stage next season.

For now, viewers can catch new episodes of the Shangri La Frontier anime weekly on Crunchyroll. The streaming platform simulcasts the show shortly after it airs in Japan, allowing fans around the world to watch the latest developments in Sunraku’s journey. For manga readers, the Shangri-La Frontier comic series can be read digitally on Kodansha’s official English website and their K Manga app. The publisher offers the first three chapters free on their site, with full volumes available for purchase.


A still from Shangri la Frontier anime season 1 episode 20
A still from Shangri la Frontier anime (Image via C2C Studio)

With its blend of virtual gaming adventures and real-world consequences, Shangri-La Frontier continues to excite viewers week after week. While Sunraku and Lycagon’s rematch may not occur this season, their eventual showdown is one of the most anticipated in the series. For all the latest updates, theories and discussions about this hit series, be sure to check out our newsletter.

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