Shangri-la Frontier receives season 2: Upcoming Arcs and Mysteries listed

Sunraku fighting the Lycagoan Wolf Unique Boss in Shangri-La Frontier

The much-anticipated Shangri-La Frontier receives season 2, as it has been officially greenlit, with a scheduled broadcast starting October 2024. This exciting news comes shortly after the first season’s finale on March 31st, leaving fans eager to see what awaits our protagonist, Rakuro Sunraku.

This article will explore potential plotlines that we may see in the second season, based on the existing source material and avoiding major spoilers for anime-only viewers.

Which chapters will be covered in Shangri-La Frontier season 2

Sunraku in Shangri-La Frontier
Sunraku in Shangri-La Frontier (Image via Kodansha)

The first season of Shangri-La Frontier adapted roughly the first 71 chapters of the ongoing manga, itself based on Katarina’s completed web novel series. With over 170 chapters published at the time of writing, there’s a treasure trove of content waiting to be explored in the anime.

While specifics are under wraps, we can speculate on the potential direction of season 2. Picking up after the events of season 1, the story might see Sunraku leaving the game world of Shangri-La Frontier and returning to his previous favorite game, Nephilim Hollow. This shift in focus could possibly hint at the new challenges to be faced by Sunraku using his past gaming experiences.

Furthermore if the season 2 follows the same pace as Shangri La Frontier season 1, we might see the anime covering from Nephilim Hollow Arc of the manga to GGC Arc in two cours.

Introduction to new characters

A still from Shangri-la Frontier anime
A still from Shangri-la Frontier anime (Image via Kodansha)

The upcoming season also welcomes some interesting new characters to the mix. Joji Nakata will lend his voice to Kyoju, the leader of the “Library” clan. As the name suggests, the Library clan seems to be dedicated to uncover the hidden secrets of Shangri-La Frontier. Daimu Mineta will be voice acting for Aramis, the deputy leader of the Boot Musketeers in the land of cat fairies, Cazzeria. Both Kyoju and Aramis are expected to play significant roles in the upcoming season.

Key information at a glance

A still from Shangri-la Frontier season 2
A still from Shangri-la Frontier season 2 (Image via Kodansha)

Here’s a quick recap of the important details:

  • Broadcast Start: October 2024
  • Broadcast Schedule: Two consecutive cours (quarters) airing Sundays at 5 pm JST on MBS and TBS networks
  • New Cast Members:
    • Joji Nakata as Kyoju (Leader of the “Library” clan)
    • Daimu Mineta as Aramis (Deputy Leader of the Boot Musketeers in “Cazzeria”)

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Special Events Announced!

A still from Shangri-la Frontier anime
A still from Shangri-la Frontier anime (Image via Kodansha)

If the news of a double season wasn’t enough to get you hyped, here’s some more! A special family show (free admission!) was held in Saitama and Tokyo earlier this year. The fun continues with upcoming events at Mallage Shobu in Saitama on April 21st and Aeon Mall Kofu Showa in Yamanashi on June 29th. However fans must keep an out for any other details related to additional events.

Shangri-La Frontier and its successful hype


“Shangri-La Frontier” is based on the popular manga by Ryosuke Fuji, itself an adaptation of Rina Kourina’s web novel series. The story follows Yoji Rakuro, also known as Sunraku, a “shit game hunter” who thrives on conquering poorly-made games with outdated technology. Shangri-La Frontier, a VR game boasting a massive player base of 30 million, becomes his next target.

The first season of the anime aired in two consecutive cours from October 2023 and resulted in a smash hit. Especially due to its quirky style of humor and weird protagonist, it easily became an isekai for the gamers, by the gamers.

With a confirmed second season, a dedicated fanbase, Shangri-La Frontier season 2 will definitely carry on the legacy of its predecessor for the the anime lovers who seek a good dose of lighthearted entertainment. So, till we get to the season 2, you might want to rewatch the anime and keep an eye out for events, till then, Adios.

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