Shoujo Tsubaki: Analysis of Midori and Her choice to love the Magician.

Shoujo Tsubaki - Analysis of Midori - Her choice to love the Magician.

Shoujo Tsubaki, also known as Midori: The Girl in the Freak Show is a Japanese story that explores the dark and twisted life of a young girl named Midori. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of Midori’s character and her profound choice to love the magician. By examining Midori’s journey and motivations, we can gain a deeper understanding of her complex character and the themes explored in Shoujo Tsubaki.

Midori’s upbringing 

A still from Shoujo Tsubaki
A still from Shoujo Tsubaki (Image via Link Rights Studio)

Midori’s love for the magician serves as a central aspect of the narrative, showcasing her resilience and capacity for affection in the face of adversity. To understand Midori’s choice, it is essential to delve into her background and upbringing.

Midori is portrayed as an innocent and vulnerable character, lacking a stable support system. Growing up in poverty, she becomes a performer in a grotesque circus where she faces constant mistreatment. Her innocence and longing for affection make her susceptible to manipulation.

A shelter from loneliness

Midori with puppies in Shoujo Tsubaki
Midori with puppies in Shoujo Tsubaki (Image via Link Rights Studio)
  1. Midori’s childhood was marked by profound loneliness and isolation. The magician’s arrival in her life provided a glimmer of hope, a figure she could cling to in her desperate search for connection. The Magician, a charismatic and sinister figure, plays a significant role in Midori’s life.
  2. Through psychological manipulation, he preys on Midori’s vulnerabilities, exploiting her desire for love and acceptance. He exerts control over her emotions, further entangling her in a web of dependence and affection. The Magician’s influence becomes the catalyst for Midori’s fateful decision. The magician’s enigmatic aura and allure presented Midori with an escape from her harsh reality, drawing her closer to him emotionally. 

Midori’s choice to love the magician

Dwarf Magician and Midori in Shoujo Tsubaki
Dwarf Magician and Midori in Shoujo Tsubaki (Image via Link Rights Studio)

Midori’s longing for companionship is deeply ingrained in her character. With no family or friends to turn to, the magician becomes the focal point of her affection. In her eyes, he represents the possibility of a loving relationship and a respite from her desolate existence.

Despite the Magician’s abusive behaviour, Midori makes a conscious choice to love him. Midori’s desperate need for affection, the illusion of love created by the Magician, and her belief that she can change him contribute to her choice. Midori’s decision highlights the complexity of emotions and the blurred lines between love and manipulation.

Power dynamics and abuse

A still from Shoujo Tsubaki
A still from Shoujo Tsubaki (Image via Link Rights Studio)

The relationship between Midori and the Magician is marred by power imbalances and abuse. The Magician holds complete control over Midori, exploiting her emotional vulnerability for his gain. This power dynamic perpetuates a cycle of abuse, leaving Midori trapped in a toxic relationship where her agency and well-being are constantly compromised.

Despite the harmful consequences of their relationship, Midori’s infatuation blinds her to the magician’s true intentions.  Midori’s choice to love the Magician leads to profound emotional turmoil. She goes through intense emotional ups and downs, from happiness to deep sadness.

The Magician’s manipulation and mistreatment harm her mental health, causing anxiety, depression, and a loss of identity. Midori becomes a victim of her own emotions, trapped in a tumultuous cycle she struggles to escape.

Midori’s strength and resilience

Midori in Shoujo Tsubaki's ending
Midori in Shoujo Tsubaki’s ending (Image via Link Rights Studio)

While Midori’s choice to love the Magician is fraught with pain and suffering, she displays moments of strength and resilience throughout the narrative. Despite facing numerous challenges, she gradually realizes her value and asserts her independence. Midori’s journey serves as an inspiring example of personal growth and the capacity for inner strength.

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