Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia

Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms are both filled with timeless characters, fantastical worlds, and heart-wrenching emotions. However, these narratives, while distinct in their focus, share a universal language that speaks to the journey of overcoming loss and grief.

While I can assure you that both of these anime will leave a mark on your soul, you will be moved by the idea of immortality, the beauty of emotional bonds, and the bittersweet dance of time. In this article, we will unravel the top 5 remarkable parallels between Frieren and Maquia that are worth your attention.

Frieren: Beyond the Journey’s End

Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia
Frieren anime | image courtesy of Madhouse

Frieren is set in a fantasy world where a group of four adventurers, Frieren, Himmel, Heiter, and Eisen, defeat the Demon King. Frieren, an elf, is the only one who remains alive years after. She sets out to record the history of the world and to say goodbye to her friends, who have all died of old age.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia
Maquia with her mortal companions | Image courtesy of P.A Works

While Maquia is a member of the Iorph, a race of immortal beings who live in harmony with nature. When she is a young woman, her village is attacked by humans who are seeking the Iorph’s blood, which can be used to create a powerful elixir. Maquia is the only Iorph to escape the attack, and she is forced to flee into the human world.

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Top 5 remarkable parallels between Frieren and Maquia:

5) Immortal Protagonists

In Frieren, the story follows the adventures and reflections of Frieren, an elf with a long lifespan, who reunites with her former party members, all of whom have aged and now approaching the end of their lives.

Maquia and Ariel | Image courtesy of P.A works
Maquia and Ariel | Image courtesy of P.A works

Maquia centers around Maquia, an immortal Iorph, who discovers an orphaned human baby named Ariel. Her immortality is clear as she remains youthful while Ariel grows into a young man.

4) Long-Term Perspective

A still from Frieren Episode 1
Frieren crying over Himmel’s demise | Image courtesy of Madhouse

Frieren’s perspective as an immortal offers insights into the long-term consequences of her actions and relationships with mortals. Frieren’s close bond with Himmel shown in episode 1 showed how much she deeply cared for him, her journey begins with her accepting the fact that death is ultimately inevitable and that she must come to terms with it.

In Maquia, the story illustrates Maquia’s extended lifespan as she witnesses the passage of time and the changing world around her. When Ariel loses his pet dog, Maquia realizes that her time with her son is going to end one day as he is a mortal human unlike her.

3) Natural World and Magical Creatures

Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia
Frieren | Image courtesy of Mahouse

Both feature beautiful depictions of the natural world. They show us stunning landscapes of forests, towns, and other places. Frieren’s world is full of elves, dwarves, and other magical creatures, while Maquia’s world is full of Iorphs and other mystical beings.

2) Overcoming Grief and Loss

Both confront the pain of losing loved ones and are not immune to the emotional impact of such loss. In Frieren, we witness her grieving over the loss of her loved ones, who were her old comrades. She accepts her loss and embarks on a journey to process her emotions by recollecting her memories of them in the places where they had shared moments.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms Ending
Maquia letting herself cry for the first time | Image courtesy of P.A Works

At the end of the movie Maquia, after Ariel’s demise, she breaks her promise of never crying and lets herself cry, allowing her to grieve over her beloved son and accept it, hence ‘letting the promised flower bloom‘.

1) A Message to Real-World Experiences

Both beautifully delve into the shared themes of grief and loss, illustrating the universal human experiences of embracing connections, preserving memories, and accepting change; suggesting that it is better to have loved and lost.

Top 5 Similarities between Frieren and Maquia
A still from Frieren Anime | Image courtesy of Madhouse

Kanehito Yamada (author of Frieren) and Mari Okada (author of Maquia) have done a splendid job of conveying the message of emotional connections and love. Beautiful animation and art styles are presented by Madhouse and P.A. Works, respectively.

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