Skull Island Anime: how faithful is this series to the source material?

Skull Island Anime how faithful will this series be to source material

Skull Island anime is an instalment under the Monsterverse project which has been produced by Powerhouse Studios. Powerhouse is known for producing Castlevania and Blood of Zeus as well, and this has been co-produced with Warner Bros. Animation. The anime is more of a superhero-themed animation rather than following a traditional anime aesthetic. The anime attempts to take the format of Kong Skull Island but doesn’t deliver like it was expected.

Skull Island Anime – a synopsis of the story

The story of Skull Island anime follows the lives of a few shipwrecked survivors on a monster-infested island. Charlie, his dad Cap, and his friend Mike end up on the shore and meet Annie. Annie possessed a strange air to herself and she acted in a very suspicious manner.

It turns out that Annie grew up on Skull Island and as these people navigate through the monstrous flora and fauna, Annie’s four-legged friend Dog becomes their guard.

Cap on the other hand finds himself in a fit as he discovers that a group of gunmen have been tasked with bringing Annie back to the United States. The groups engage in a conflict, but hidden in these dense forests is the actual predator.

What is the Monsterverse and how is this ‘anime super-Monke’ related to it?

Monsterverse is a new-age multimedia project which unifies all Kaiju productions.

They are dependent on decades of source material, but mostly deviate and carve a slightly distinct animated storyline. Skull Island anime is reportedly the fifth entry of the Monsterverse. Among others, there is the Godzilla animated series , which many believe that it rightfully belonged to the cinemas.

Skull Island Anime how faithful will this series be to source material
An official poster of Skull Island was released by Netflix. (Image courtesy of Netflix )

The basic problem with such anime adaptations of Kaiju storylines is that they often focus more on the action and not the story. The making and building of the story require certain parameters which need to be adhered to. But more often than not, these productions focus more on an exaggerated projection and presentation of action sequences which almost always deviate from the basic premise of the storyline.

Is Skull Island anime related to its source material?

Skull Island anime has been initially boring and it has been stretched for the first six episodes. The seventh episode however has an intense sequence and along with the eighth episode they make up for the superior action sequence in the anime.

Skull Island Anime how faithful will this series be to source material
This particular poster focuses on the wilderness and the nature of superior authority that the gorilla Kong holds over everybody. (Image courtesy of Netflix )

But, it has to be noted that Skull Island strongly deviates from the source materials. These available materials have not been seemingly fitting for an animated project and therefore they deviated from the generic course and defined a new-age King Kong who crushes other monsters with brute force, without much concern to any character building or development. It is basically a battle between strength and flair.


Skull Island anime is nothing more than a towering gorilla crushing other inferior monsters. It is a statement which shouts that the world still needs more of King Kong and this mysterious Kaiju gorilla will keep returning in some form or the other into the popular discourse.

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