Solo Leveling Smile scene of the god statue makes fan wonder: who and what is it?

Solo Leveling Smile scene explained

Exuding psychotic vibes, the god statue in the Solo Leveling smile scene has been a source of malice in the debut episodes of Solo Leveling anime. Despite the menacing aura, the truth behind the identity of the god statue is quite intriguing. The statue is the architect, an entity responsible for Sung Jinwoo’s leveling up.

But is that all there is to him? This article will unveil the truth behind the god statue in Solo Leveling, so here’s the mandatory warning for those who plan to continue reading, beware of spoilers! 

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The Smiling God Statue in Solo Leveling Explained

Solo Leveling God statue smile scene
Solo Leveling Episode 2 | Image via TMDB

In Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo enters a low-level dungeon which turns out to be a double dungeon. The god statue is the final boss of the Double Dungeon and the architect of the system, which Jinwoo later becomes a part of. With powers far exceeding that of an S-rank hunter, the architect relishes in witnessing the destruction.

The architect is also capable of using telekinesis along with monstrous strength and speed; and displays feelings of disdain towards humanity. The architect seems to align with the Monarchs who represent destruction. 

Monarchs and Rulers

Solo Leveling Smile Scene explained
Sung Jinwoo with the shadows | Image via IMDb

Monarchs and Rulers are the two vying forces in the world of Solo Leveling. While the rulers represent life and hence protect it, the monarchs are the embodiment of destruction. Upon betrayal by both these forces and exposure to the sorry state of the world, the Shadow Monarch or Ashborn starts looking for a capable vessel. The Architect creates the system to select the perfect vessel. 

The System

The System solo leveling
Sung Jinwoo with the system | Image Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

Upon exiting the Dungeon, Jinwoo finds out that he has become a part of ‘the system’. The system has a game-like layout that allows the player to level up by fulfilling the daily quests and defeating dungeon bosses. In order to select someone worthy of being the Shadow Monarch’s vessel, the system bestows the powers of the monarch upon the player. The player attains these powers by clearing different levels. 

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The Architect in Solo Leveling Smile scene
The Architect in Solo Leveling | Image via TMDB

The real identity of the architect is revealed when Jinwoo revisits the double dungeon after significantly leveling up to level 100. During this reunion, the architect intended for the Shadow Monarch’s return.

It is revealed that the architect was against the selection of Jinwoo but the Shadow Monarch chose him anyway. Jinwoo then kills the architect and all the limits on his powers are removed by the Shadow Monarch himself. 

When will the truth behind Solo Leveling Smile Scene happen in anime?

Solo Leveling Smiling Scene
Sung Jinwoo from Solo Leveling | Image via IMDb

After Jinwoo escapes the double dungeon in the anime, it’ll be a long time before the Architect makes an appearance. His truth will be revealed in the subsequent seasons unless the creators make significant changes to the story. 

This lets us have enough time to brace ourselves for the most brutal and badass revenge scene in the entire story which is going to get exemplified a ton more because of how the anime has been seen taking slight hints from the fashion of gore reminiscent of Attack on Titan.


The real identity of the God statue isn’t anything godly but simply a moderator of a game. The smiling scene sends chills down one’s spine and the helplessness of Jinwoo at the beginning is somewhat gut-wrenching.

During his reunion with the architect, Sung Jinwoo returns all the suffering and terror he felt during the first encounter, and witnessing that is nothing but satisfying.  

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