Dark Aria LV2 the latest Anime Episode 6 OST have fans going gaga over the Solo Leveling Soundtrack: are there more?

Solo Leveling Episode 6 entailed perhaps one of the best character segments with Dark Aria LV2 OST By Hiroyuki Sawano being brazenly noticeable. People quickly took to social media, and google primarily as the search results of the Solo Leveling Soundtrack have roared to the sky. But how many more such well-made soundtracks will we get to hear in the coming episodes of Solo Leveling Anime?

Unveiling the full Solo Leveling Soundtrack released so far

So far DARK ARIA LV2 is among the only proper OSTs released under the Solo Leveling Album. So far, Hiroyuki Sawano has released a standard edition CD set, that costs a 1,430 yen in Japan. The CD set’s product no is VVCL 2409, and it contains the following soundtracks –

  1. LEveL by Sawano Hiroyuki (nZk) is a collaboration with the famous K-pop band TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Famously known as TXT
  2. DARK ARIA <LV2> by Sawano Hiroyuki (nZk) featuring XAI.
  3. LEveL (TV Size) – usually refers to the shortened 1:20 minutes version that comes as the opening in Anime.
  4. LEveL English Version (TV Size) – English version of the same song.
  5. LEveL Instrumental 

There is also a limited edition set, which contains a CD + Blu-Ray, and it costs 1,870 yen. It contains all the above-mentioned along with a TV Anime Solo Leveling Special Illustration Digipack. Check the tweet below.

Will there be more amazing soundtracks?

Yes, the Solo Leveling Soundtrack information had been released back in January. And there are multiple OSTs. While some are more instrumental, some like Dark Aria lv2 seemed to have lead vocals. Note that DARK ARIA LV2 is treated as a special ost, given that they released a dedicated musical video few hours prior to its official premiere in the sixth episode of the Anime.

The following is a list of the entirety of Solo Leveling Soundtrack –

  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.1
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.2
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.3
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.4
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.5
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.6
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.7
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.8
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.9
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.10
  • DunGeoN
  • Hunter→Monster
  • Am→Km
  • everydayLV.0
  • aikari
  • onlyORE
  • 4eVR

So far the released Standard and Special CD set only contains Dark Aria and different variations of LEveL songs, which all are actually part of the single LEveL by Hiroyuki Sawano. As you can see, SymphonicSuite lv.1 to lv.10 seems to indicate the same song done in different variations to accompany the coming segments of Solo Leveling Anime. The primary question still lingers as to which soundtrack will run when Sung Jin-woo says ‘arise’ for the first time.

The following video is an amalgamated version of SymphonicSuit LV1 to LV2 –

Fans give testimony to why DARK ARIA LV2 is the best OST producers could have chosen for Sung Jin-woo’s internal change scene

Jinwoo with his arm raised in Solo Leveling Episode 6, with Solo Leveling Soundtrack DARK ARIA LV2 playing in the background.
The Moment when DARK Aria LV2 plays on the background during the sequence in Solo Leveling Episode 6 | © A-1 Pictures,

The sixth episode of Solo Leveling entailed a marking change in Sung Jin-woo’s internal character development. So far viewers were getting accustomed to Sung Jin-woo gaining six-pack abs, chiselled jaw lines and a robust upper torso build. Along with of course the usual physical attributes of growth, agility, strength, etc.

But once tasked with killing the six rogue hunters, marking what is to be Sung Jin-woo’s first human kill, it seemed fair that the scene deserved a well-made OST. And ever since Hiroyuki Sawano jolted the world with his Attack on Titan soundtracks, the world has acknowledged his genius.

Why does the scene timing matter, and why the fans appreciate the OST so much

Solo Leveling Soundtrack in Episode 6 named Dark Aria LV2 accompanies Sung Jin-woo's personality awakening
A snippet from Episode 6 when Sung Jin-woo takes care of the rogue hunters

The significance of the scene was such that it had to be animated with proper focus. When animating, producers are well aware that some segments of the source that they are adapting (usually Manga, but in this case the Solo Leveling Manhwa) are better than others.

  • For example, while the scene of Sung Jin-woo defeating the spider-like boss dungeon was quite significant, it was not anything the viewers had not been exposed to.
  • Only 2 episodes prior, the audience was already treated to Sung Jin-woo battling the blue serpent as a boss of the subway dungeon.

A good eye for such fictional plots would allow one to understand the significance of which scene to pick for putting DARK ARIA LV2, sung by JPOP singer XAI, and directed and composed by the legendary musical director Hiroyuki Sawano, as a background track.

Solo Leveling fans, both the original manhwa readers and anime-only who are experiencing the story for the first time, took to the internet to comment on how well made the episode has been. Especially citing the response for DARK ARIA LV2, the ost that perhaps made the scene stick out.

SOURCE: Official Solo Leveling Anime Website, Hiroyuki Sawano’s official website

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