Solo Leveling’s new trailer confirms release date: everything we know

Solo Leveling's new trailer confirms release date: everything we know

Among the countless manhwas that fans have begged to see animated, Solo Leveling stands tall as the undisputed champion, commanding a fanbase that surpasses all others by a considerable margin. Although the announcement of an anime adaptation left everyone elated over a year ago, updates on this highly anticipated project have been scarce, leaving fans eagerly yearning for any glimpse of progress.

However, the long wait has finally yielded tangible results, as we now possess a definitive release window and a confirmed streaming platform for the Solo Leveling anime. The curtain was pulled back on this news during Anime Expo 2023, where Crunchyroll teased attendees with a brand new trailer, igniting excitement within the community.

Let’s take a lot at all the details we have gathered thus far, including when and where you can catch the Solo Leveling anime adaptation.

When and where to watch Solo Leveling?

When and where to watch Solo Leveling anime
Shun Mizushino (Sung Jin Woo) in the new Solo Leveling trailer [Image via Crunchyroll]
  • While the exact release date remains a mystery, Crunchyroll has confirmed that Solo Leveling will hit our screens in January 2023. The anime series will be exclusively streamed on Crunchyroll worldwide, offering both dubbed and subbed versions for fans to enjoy.

Given the abundance of source material, there’s a good chance that Solo Leveling will be renewed for multiple seasons.

  • However, the fate of future seasons hinges on the response of fans to the anime adaptation. The initial trailer faced criticism for its animation quality, and the second trailer does not show any improvement.

It’s not that the animation is bad, fans are just worried that the animation looks better suited for series like Horimiya. Solo Leveling deserves something similar to CSM or JJK’s style.

Regardless, we’re willing to put our faith in A-1 Pictures. They’ve been responsible for animes like Kaguya-Sama and Your Lie In April, so there’s a good chance that they can manage to pull this off.

What is the Solo Leveling manhwa about?

What can fans expect from Solo Leveling anime?
Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling’s official OST ‘Echo’ [Image via 1theK on YouTube]
  • Solo Leveling is set in a world where the sudden appearance of ‘gates’—paths that connect our world with a different dimension—has lead to certain humans awakening supernatural powers. These individuals are called ‘hunters’, who make their living by using their powers to conquer dungeons inside the gates.
  • Among them, Sung Jin Woo, a low-ranked hunter, bears the burden of being labelled “the weakest hunter of all mankind.” Trapped in the shadows of his peers, Jin Woo’s journey takes an unforeseen turn when he stumbles upon a double dungeon hidden within a lower-ranked one and suffers a near-fatal injury.
  • In a twist of fate, a glitch in the system offers Jin Woo a mysterious quest. When he accepts, the system chooses Jin Woo to be the sole player that can infinitely level up, effectively making him one of the strongest players in the arena.

What can fans expect from the Solo Leveling anime?

Will the Solo Leveling anime be good?
Sung Jin Woo in the official Leveling OST ‘Echo’ [Image via 1theK on YouTube]
  • As the upcoming anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures unfolds, certain plot adjustments have been made, including a potential change to Jin Woo’s nationality shifting from Korean to Japanese. This would also mean that the anime changes Sung Jin Woo’s name to its Japanese Light Novel’s version, Shun Mizushino.
  • Older reports suggest that Solo Leveling might adapt its Japanese light novel version instead of the manhwa, but since there’s no official comments from any of the creators, we cannot be sure.

While alterations like these may raise eyebrows among fans, they’re willing to oversee it as long as the series manages to do the manhwa justice.

Solo Leveling is a great series with well-written characters and world-building, but what makes it special is that no other manhwa in recent times has managed to excite fans to this extent. The hype is real, and the world is not ready for Sung Jin Woo’s— or rather, Shun Mizushino’s debut.


The long-awaited Solo Leveling anime adaptation is finally within our grasp. With a confirmed release window and streaming platform, fans worldwide can anticipate its arrival in January 2023 exclusively on Crunchyroll. Despite some changes to the plot and initial concerns over animation quality, the immense hype surrounding Solo Leveling persists.

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