Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out: Release date + Expected Plot

Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out- Release date + Expected Plot

Gear up because things are about to get even more chaotic for the Forger family with the release of the first Spy X Family movie, SPY x FAMILY CODE: White which, according to their official Twitter account, is scheduled to premiere on Friday, December 22, 2023.

The tweet reads, ” Promotion video unveiled.  All the Forger family appear in the first release video of the movie version ‼️ It will be released on December 22nd (Friday). Everyone, please look forward to it.

Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out

Putting the many speculations about the much-awaited feature film to rest, the franchise released the official trailer on 26th June 2023 announcing the release date and giving us a glimpse of certain elements in the story.

In addition to the film, fans will also be looking forward to the long-awaited second season of the Spy x Family anime, which is set to begin airing in October 2023 and provides convenient means to catch up on the series before the movie debuts two months later.

The Plot and Premise

The protagonist, Twilight, is a highly skilled spy who is tasked with a crucial mission. In order to accomplish his mission, he needs to create a perfect cover as a family man. He decides to adopt a young girl named Anya, who possesses telepathic abilities and also enlists the help of a skilled assassin named Yoruichi, who poses as his wife.

Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out- Release date + Expected Plot
Spy × Family | Image courtesy of Wit Studio and CloverWorks

Together, this unlikely family unit embarks on various missions and adventures, each with its own comedic and thrilling twists. Twilight tries to balance his spy duties with being a caring father, while Anya navigates school life and her own unique abilities, and Yoruichi attempts to maintain her assassin persona while adapting to the challenges of family life.

Not to forget, there’s also the family’s pet dog Bond, an experimental dog with premonition skills that escaped the lab he was confined to before finding a home with the Forgers.

Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out- Release date + Expected Plot
Spy × Family | Image courtesy of Wit Studio and CloverWorks

The Spy x Family movie will not follow any specific arc from the manga but instead, follow a standalone plot. However, the basic premise of the franchise will follow the same story as it always had.

In the new movie, Loid was on a mission as usual when he was given instructions to change the person responsible for the ongoing Operation Strix. However, the new person in charge turns out to be an incompetent man.

At the same time, at Eden Academy, a cooking class will be held that is rumoured to award a Stella to the winner. In order to show the progress of Operation Strix even a little and to negotiate with WISE to continue the mission in order to protect world peace, Loid suggests to Anya to make the “Melemele,” a traditional confectionery from the “Frigis region” and is the favourite food of the principal who serves as the chief judge. The Forgers head to Frigis on a family trip to try out the authentic flavours.

On the other hand, before setting out, Yor witnesses a whole exchange between Loid and a mysterious woman, which causes feelings of uneasiness about the temporary relationship while on the trip. During the family trip, Anya discovers a suspicious trunk case on the train that has chocolate in it. While she wonders about it, the owner of the trunk case returns, and to her surprise, Anya accidentally swallows the chocolate.

Spy X Family Movie Teaser Out- Release date + Expected Plot
Spy × Family | Image courtesy of Wit Studio and CloverWorks

However, it seems that it is more than a bar of ordinary chocolate and contains the dark secrets of a mission rather than the usual dark cocoa. This sends the family down and tunnel of mystery and adventure as they struggle to fight against forces that threaten to break their family and their countries apart. Catch the new movie on Crunchyroll in December to see keys turn as pieces fall into place.

In conclusion, the dangerous and adorable Forger family will be back for another great adventure that will either make or break the peace that they all were trying so hard to protect.

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