JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures’ animator sparks Steel Ball Run anime rumors – exploring the truth behind the rumors

JoJo's Bizarre adventures anime.

For fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, a new leak suggesting a Steel Ball Run anime release managed to spark a lot of questions on a recent date. However, these rumors quickly intensified and fans became hopeful that their favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures will finally receive a sequel and continue the story with the Steel Ball Run release. These claims were quickly dismissed and the animator who sparked this debate asked the fandom to be hopeful for the future.

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What is the Steel Ball Run anime rumor all about?

The Steel Ball Run anime leak started when the chief animation director of Stone Ocean Yumenosuke Tokuda recently shared a post on X (previously Twitter) suggesting a possible ongoing production of the anime. Tokuda is known for his work in Pokemon, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Black Butler, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and Fire Force, and is a very reputed personality in the anime community.

The part 7 Steel Ball Arc of JoJo's Bizarre adventures
Steel Ball Run Arc. (Image credit goes to Weekly Shōnen Jump)

On a recent note, Tokuda shared a post of a woman riding a horse, and stated that it was cool and these are the subjects required for the next JoJo sequel. While he took down the post in a matter of hours, the beans were already spilled and discussions were sparked in an instant.

Is the rumor surrounding the Steel Ball Run anime 2024 true?

As soon as Tokuda posted the picture of the woman on horseback, fans were excited about the Steel Ball Run anime expected release. However, Tokuda took down the post and reassured the fans with another post with a sketch of Jolyne Cujoh and included the following statement – “Don’t panic. Nothing has been decided yet! Because of my job, I often post for my staff. I tweeted something I thought would be helpful, and this post wasn’t meant for the general public… It will be a while before we can celebrate together .”

JoJo's Bizarre adventures part 7 - Steel Ball Run
Steel Ball Run manga. (Image credit goes to Weekly Shōnen Jump)

We can say that the Steel Ball Run anime leak was nothing more than a hoax and it will be quite some time before the anime is put into production. Moreover, as Tokuda suggested, Steel Ball Run will return as a sequel. It is only a matter of time as to when it will be under production.

Steel Ball Run anime release date and plot details – what to expect

The Steel Ball Run anime has no specific release date as of now. While Stone Ocean had a poor run, we can expect that the upcoming season will put the anime back on track. Moreover, since the anime has been pretty quiet since Stone Ocean, a rumor that turned out to be untrue still shimmers hope in our direction.

A scene from the JoJo's Bizarre adventures anime
JoJo’s Bizarre adventures anime. (Image credit goes to IMDB)

As far as the plot is concerned, Following the narrative of Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of former JoJo star Jotaro, Stone Ocean was set mostly in a jail and included some of the franchise’s most intense Stand bouts to date. Steel Ball Run, the next chapter of the series to be adapted for the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, revolves around a cross-country horse race – hence the tweet speculation – and features new hero Johnny Joestar competing in the event before coming face to face with President Valentine’s exclusive plan to boost his power.

Final thoughts on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Steel Ball Run anime

Poster for JoJo's Bizarre adventures' manga on Viz Media
JoJo’s Bizarre adventures manga poster. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

The Steel Ball Run reddit discussions have been bombed with debates and discussions. However, since there is no confirmation regarding the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Steel Ball Run anime, we can be certain that any confirmation regarding this matter is still off the hook. As far as the release platform is concerned, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is available on Netflix for fans worldwide and the upcoming sequel, which when released, will also be available on the same!

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