Sukuna vs. Mahoraga fights gets re-animated: Here’s everything new in the Blu-Ray episode

Sukuna vs. Mahoraga in Jujutsu Kaisen season 2

Sukuna vs. Mahoraga from Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 has received the ultimate glow-up in the newly released Blu-ray edition.

While the battle aired in Episode 17 was already an animation masterclass from MAPPA, reports indicated the animators didn’t have enough time to fully complete every sequence to their vision. Due to the MAPPA overworking their staff, certain moments of the Sukuna vs Mahoraga fight had to be trimmed for the weekly television broadcast.

In fact, around the time of the episode’s original airing in November 2023, there were even talks of animators threatening to quit Jujutsu Kaisen due to the impossible deadlines — a troubling trend on which you can read more in our original biweekly anime newsletter.

However, with the luxury of additional time for the Blu-ray release, the animators have gone back to restore those cut scenes and elevate the entire fight’s choreography and effects to new heights.

  • Not only will viewers get to see deleted scenes that were cut from the TV broadcast due to time constraints, but the animators have also corrected and improved various aspects of the choreography and effects.
  • This extended cut features added perspectives including Sukuna’s first-person point of view that highlights just how overwhelming the King of Curses’ power truly is.

The overall animation is honestly so cold, it makes you realize just how overwhelming both Sukuna and Mahoraga truly are.

Sukuna vs. Mahoraga Blu-Ray Version: What’s different?

While full HD clips are still unavailable, short leaked videos circulating on Twitter have already showcased one of the series’ most jaw-dropping hand-to-hand combat sequences.

We get to witness Sukuna take on Mahoraga in blistering exchanges, with each landed blow’s bone-crunching impact amplified by the iconic “KACHING” sound effect of the cursed wheels.

  • One moment that has fans buzzing is an up-close shot of Mahoraga landing what may be the most soul-crushing gut punch in anime history on Sukuna. The sheer force behind this visceral hit is a full-body sensation.

  • The Blu-ray also features an updated version of Sukuna’s powerful fire arrow technique with revised visual effects that make the supernatural attack even more striking.

A sequence that attracted some mixed fan reaction was Mahoraga seemingly punching the air as Sukuna stopped his fist with a miniature version of his “Cleave”. However, we personally think that this creative bit of choreography flows better with added context around the exchanged blows.

What is your favorite sequence of this extended cut? Do let us know in the comments!

The Problem with Blu-Ray Editions and Why This Shouldn’t Become A Habit

Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
Sukuna | Courtesy of MAPPA

While it’s definitely exciting to get extended and remastered versions on Blu-ray, this continuing trend also highlights an accessibility issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • The unfortunate reality is that the majority of anime viewers will likely never experience these enhanced Blu-ray editions in their full uncompressed quality unless they purchase the physical discs.
  • Streaming services virtually never update their episodes to include the new Blu-ray footage and animation tweaks.

As a result, these bonus scenes and effects work remain exclusives locked behind a paywall that many may not want to spend on, especially considering the steep pricing.

  • On Amazon, the standard Blu-ray edition of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 currently costs over $30 – a tough pill to swallow just for a handful of extra minutes when viewers are already paying subscription fees to stream the show.

There’s a valid concern that studios like MAPPA could start treating Blu-ray “director’s cuts” as the definitive versions while half-pushing their original television broadcasts. No fan wants to feel nickel-and-dimed into double-dipping for the “complete” experience.

Jujutsu Kaisen Blu-ray is a Piece of Art

The original Sukuna vs Mahoraga fight was already an amazing animated spectacle. But this new extended version on the Blu-ray takes it to the next level. By adding back deleted scenes, smoothing out the choreography, and showing fresh new angles like Sukuna’s first-person view, the animation team really outdid themselves.

The only downside is that unless you buy the pricey Blu-ray set, most fans won’t get to see the souped-up visuals in all their glory. But for diehard Jujutsu Kaisen fans who want the absolute best, seeking out this ultimate Sukuna/Mahoraga rematch is an absolute must to witness MAPPA’s animation mastery at its finest.

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