How strong will Sung Jinwoo get in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jinwoo Solo Leveling

After surviving the wrath of the behemoth god statue, Sung Jinwoo can now level up as a hunter. In the latest episode of Solo Leveling anime, we see him facing multiple challenges in the form of monstrous creatures.

There are penalties and rewards, daily quests, and more dungeons, how much will all of this benefit him? If you’re wondering how strong will Sung Jinwoo get, this article will answer your queries with a complete exploration of Sung Jinwoo’s powers

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Extent of Sung Jinwoo’s Powers Explored

Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling anime
A still from Solo Leveling anime trailer | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

The current approach of the System towards Sung Jinwoo’s leveling up is making him go through intense physical exercises, which include: 

  • Daily quests: As a part of the daily quests, Jinwoo has to do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and running. If he fails to finish the daily quest, he needs to go through penalties. 
  • Penalty quests: During penalties, he faces humongous creatures who aim to kill him. 
  • Instant Dungeons: The System provides him with keys to dungeons which act as his personal training grounds. He can defeat dungeon bosses and their underlings to gain the combat experience that he needs. 
Sung Jinwoo during Penalty Quest
Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Through these ways, Sung Jinwoo levels up. He has to work hard and push himself beyond possible human limits to complete the challenges posed by the System. But all of this will bear him great results, and the following section is all about them. 

Sung Jin-Woo’s Progress: How strong does he become?

In the world of Solo Leveling, once a hunter awakens their powers are assessed and a rank is assigned to them. This rank signifies the tenacity of their body and the abilities they hold. A hunter cannot change their ranks unless they experience a reawakening or a double awakening. But this rule doesn’t apply to our protagonist. 

Sung Jinwoo's powers in Solo Leveling
Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Anime | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

As long as he keeps pushing forward, he can get stronger. He’s not bound by the ranking system either. His ranks and stats can continue to grow if he puts in the hard work. With that, he can boost his current powers and acquire new abilities. 

The abilities and powers 

Here onwards, beware of spoilers! At present, he’s working on increasing his strength, agility, intelligence, and mana points. And all of these aspects comprise his physical strength. His body isn’t the only way for him to fight. As the story goes on he’ll continue to get new powers: 

  • Sung Jinwoo can also use weapons and shadows of the dead through the shadow extraction ability he gains. He can acquire different weapons and soldiers by defeating the threats he comes across in the dungeons. He can make his shadow soldiers level up alongside himself. 
Sung Jinwoo and his shadow soldiers
Sung Jinwoo’s Shadow Soldiers | Image via IMDb
  • Using Bloodlust, he’s able to force his opponents into submission. He can turn invisible or amplify his strength during fights. 
  • Other abilities that he can use include telekinesis, through an ability called Ruler’s Authority, and teleportation. He can teleport using his ability Shadow Exchange by placing his soldiers at different places or incorporating them into the shadow of those he loves. 
Sung Jinwoo in front of the instant Dungeon
Sung Jinwoo entering the instant dungeon | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

This is not all, he can use healing magic as well. The inventory further aids him with different potions. 


Solo Leveling is all about leveling up. In a list of everything exciting about Solo Leveling anime, the powers secure the highest ranks. From the shadow soldiers to his armors, everything pronounces Sung Jinwoo’s powers to the heights of coolness. And witnessing all of that again makes any fan of the series drool. 

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