What is the System in Solo Leveling Anime that allows Sung Jin-woo to level up explained

The stats shown by the System in Solo Leveling on a screen

Solo Leveling is the captivating story of the weakest Hunter, Sung Jin-Woo, defying fate and conquers the world. And at the heart of his meteoric rise lies a mysterious entity: The System in Solo Leveling. But what exactly is this program, and how did it shape Jin-Woo’s destiny? Buckle up, fellow gamers and fantasy connoisseurs, as we delve into the secrets of this intriguing power-up.

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Note: The following article contains spoilers from the Manhwa, so kindly proceed with your own caution.

Deciphering the Enigma: What is the System in Solo Leveling?

The System Chooses Its Player

Imagine being the weakest link in a chain, destined for failure. That was Jin-Woo’s reality. But then, the unthinkable happens. His first dungeon raid turns disastrous, leaving him face-to-face with annihilation. Yet, a peculiar twist of fate intervenes. Impressed by his selfless sacrifice, The System, a video game-like interface, grants him a second chance, choosing him as its Player.

This becomes the crux of the story of Solo Leveling Anime, allowing Sung Jin-Woo to power up by levelling up. As he notes it, it is notably the only power ever conceived of in the world. The anime has been pretty strong so far, the production value seems to be at an all-time high thanks to Hiroyuki Sawano’s music direction and A-1 studio’s phenomenal animation.

The Power of Progression

Jinwoo staring at a screen which is a part of the System in Solo Leveling
Jin-Woo’s initial encounter with the System in Solo Leveling | Image via TMDB

This wasn’t just any second chance. The System gifted Jin-Woo with the unprecedented ability to level up, defying the stagnant nature of Hunter ranks. Quests, skills, stats, an inventory – the whole shebang! Think of it as a personal trainer on steroids, pushing Jin-Woo to unimaginable heights. He trained, he fought, and he levelled up, leaving the limitations of his E-rank far behind.

  • Note that in the Anime series, he has been recalling his system as a second awakening.
  • A second awakening is a phenomenon that happens to the hunters in the world of Solo Leveling.
  • After dungeons started to appear on Earth, the flow of mana from such an occurrence allowed for normal people to awaken to superhuman powers.
  • While a person’s strength is fixed depending upon what his innate awakening had allowed him, very minor few rarely awaken a second time. Jin-woo thinks his case is of second awakening.

The Double Dungeon at the beginning was a deception

Jinwoo with tired eyes in Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling | Image via TMDB

Now let us dive into some spoiler territories. From this point onwards, I’ll entail the story as told in the Manhwa. Note that while it isn’t always necessary that an Anime sticks to the source, Solo Leveling Anime has already adapted the core themes of the manhwa. And the system in the Solo Leveling world is a holy grail, thus ensuring that what the ‘system’ is won’t change in the Anime.


  • The System wasn’t just a benevolent cheerleader. It was a pawn in a larger game orchestrated by the cunning Architect.
  • His plan? Use Jin-Woo as a vessel for the powerful Shadow Monarch, Ashborn, to return to the world. However, Ashborn had his own ideas.
  • He saw potential in Jin-Woo, choosing to empower him instead of possessing him. This betrayal left The Architect locked out, his game turned against him.

The System in Solo Leveling Anime has a hidden agenda

Two men standing beside Jinwoo's bed in the hospital

Solo Leveling | Image via TMDB

While The System initially served the Architect’s agenda, its actions towards Jin-Woo became undeniably protective. Automatic skill activations, targeted quests, and even murder-intent alerts – subtly steered him toward survival and power. Was it simply following its programming, or had it developed a hidden affection for its unlikely Player?

So, what is The System? It’s a complex entity, a tool used by unseen forces, yet capable of independent thought. It’s a guide, pushing Jin-Woo towards his potential, even if its motives remain shrouded in mystery. Ultimately, it’s an enigma, a testament to the unpredictable nature of power and the surprising twists that lurk within video game-inspired worlds.

Our concluding remarks that you should note

For purposes having to do with the enjoyment of the viewer, I took it upon my jurisdiction to only reveal the bare information about system in this article. Provided that a wiki already exists if you wish to read further – although I would recommend uncovering what the system is for yourself as the Solo Leveling Anime uncovers it further.

As Jin-Woo continues his journey, the influence of The System undoubtedly remains. Will it continue to be a silent ally, or will its purpose shift once again? Only time, and perhaps the next episode, will tell. But one thing is certain: The System has irrevocably altered the game, not just for Jin-Woo, but for the entire world of Solo Leveling.

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