Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?

Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?

Pitting the legendary former assassin from Sakamoto Days against the legendary family assassin in Spy X Family only spells disaster for the rest of the spy world. We would reckon it would make the undercover news headlines and cause ripples across the assassin world.

It’s the next famous JJK X Naruto, JJK X Demon Slayer, or Mob Psycho X BNHA. Our Thorn Princess is formidable in her world of Berlint but what would happen if her paths crossed with Taro? Will he finally break his promise to his wife about violence or will he be able to subdue her without lifting as much as a finger? Let’s see what would happen.

Yor Forger’s Skills in Spy X Family

Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?
Spy X Family | Image via VIZ
  • Superhuman Strength: Despite her slim frame, Yor possesses monstrously superhuman physical abilities. Her punches and kicks are strong enough to generate forces of air, the latter leaving a small cut on Loid’s face.
    • She is capable of easily piercing human skulls with her weapons throwing them hard enough to break through a wooden door and impale someone on the other side. While attempting a strength-tester game, Yor destroyed the machine with a one-handed swing. Even Yor’s dodgeball throws were able to fall trees.
  • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes: Yor is imperceptibly fast and agile. Despite moving in heels, she can jump and land from tall heights, effortlessly knocking out a raging cow, perform several parkour maneuvers while traveling to Eden Academy, and move fast enough to intercept and kill another assassin who was fast enough to evade Matthew McMahon’s bullets.
  • Superhuman Durability and Stamina: Yor can withstand a gunshot wound to her glutes and move well enough to arrive home after treating it, though this feat caused her considerable pain and left her in a bad mood.
    • During the fight on Princess Lorelei, she was able to kill over 22 assassins nonstop, coming away with only a jammed finger, a chest wound, and some swelling on her face.
Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?
Spy X Family | Image via VIZ
  • Trained Combatant: Befitting her position as an assassin, Yor is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, typically relying primarily on kicks when not using her trademark stilettos.
    • Her skills are so great that she was able to keep Twilight, WISE’s top spy and one of its most skilled combatants, on the defensive, despite Yor being heavily intoxicated at the time.
  • Poison Tolerance: Yor is highly resistant to poison. She drank a cocktail laced with the body fluids of a pufferfish, a family of fish that contains a neurotoxin that is lethal in the micrograms.
    • Her only symptoms after ingesting the cocktail were a tingling sensation and an inhibited sense of pain which helped relieve her gunshot wound.

Taro Sakamoto’s Skills in Sakamoto Days

Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?
Sakamoto Days | Image via VIZ
  • Enhanced Strength: Sakamoto is quite powerful even after retiring and his fitness level decreased drastically as a result. Sakamoto boasts incredible physical might, being capable of easily decapitating people and kicking Shin across his store through multiple shelves.
    • Sakamoto stabilized the collapsing upper section of the Tokyo Tower by pulling it with a steel cable, stopping a speeding bus with a street sign, holding a person aloft with one hand, and destroying Son-Hee’s chakram with just a frying pan.
  • Enhanced Marksmanship: Aside from being a phenomenal gunman, Sakamoto has incredible accuracy with regular objects.
    • He hurled a rock up the barrel of Heisuke Mashimo’s rifle, destroying it, and casually flicked a cough drop at Shin’s bullet with enough force to halt it.
    • Sakamoto has thrown popsicle sticks and chopsticks with enough force to pin people to walls.
  • Enhanced Durability: Sakamoto has phenomenal durability, being able to withstand a kick from Bacho, which sent him flying into an adjacent building with enough force to leave a crater.
    • Sakamoto has also survived extremely tall falls unharmed, withstood numerous point-blank explosions from Boiled and he was unharmed by Uda’s suicide bomb which annihilated the majority of an office building floor.
Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?
Sakamoto Days | Image via VIZ
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Sakamoto moves so fast that most opponents cannot see or react to him. He was able to dodge Son-Hee and Bacho’s “Tofu Scramble Attack” and hit the latter before he could react, dismantle and slice apart multiple opponents’ guns in the blink of an eye before incapacitating them and being able to catch up with a speeding bus on foot.
  • Master Combatant: Sakamoto’s combat skills are far beyond what trained assassins are capable of.
    • Conventional weaponry such as guns is virtually useless against him as he can block or dodge such attacks before they reach him, and his intelligence and adaptability to any situation allows him to counteract unusual weapons and fighting styles.
    • One of his most notable abilities is his ability to weaponize random objects. Sakamoto has used cooking pots, frying pans, freezers, traffic signs, cough drops, stickers, vacuum cleaners, clipboards, drawers, pens, cards, and paper with the same effectiveness as regular weapons.

The Final Verdict

Taro Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) vs. Yor (Spy X Family): Who would win?
Sakamoto Days and Spy X Family | Images via VIZ

Firstly, we can all agree that both of them are masters of their trade who would rather retire and be with their families. They would probably sit down and talk about that before coming at each other with knives. But when knives meet frying pans, the pan will win. Taro will remain victorious, provided that we make them fight when he’s in his prime.

Even among the Order, Sakamoto is known to be the strongest hitman of all time, holding both immense skill in combat and excelling in all aspects of killing. No one can seemingly match his skill in the current storyline. Even in his chubby form, Sakamoto is a force to be reckoned with. Granny Miya notes that at present Sakamoto only has 30% of his physical abilities compared to his prime.

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