Can we expect The Beginning after the End anime adaptation after Solo Leveling’s premiere success

Can we expect The Beginning after the End anime adaptation after Solo Leveling's premiere success

The world of webtoons and light novels has exploded in recent years, capturing global audiences with its stunning artwork and thrilling plots. Within this domain, Solo Leveling has amassed a fan base enough to have its anime version released. The Beginning After the End anime expectation thereby emerges due to being of similar caliber as Solo Leveling, making us eager to see our beloved story come to life on the big screen.

With Solo Leveling’s recent anime adaptation setting the bar sky-high, one burning question lingers in the minds of TBATE devotees: can we expect a similar anime triumph for Arthur Leywin’s adventures?

Solo Leveling anime premier’s success

A still from Solo Leveling anime
A still from Solo Leveling anime (Image via A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling’s anime debut was nothing short of phenomenal. Its slick animation, pulse-pounding action sequences, sent shockwaves through the anime community. It was not only adored by the existing fans but also introduced a vast new audience to the webtoon format, proving its potential to translate into mainstream success. This begs the question – can TBATE replicate this magic?

Is the Beginning After the End suitable for anime adaptation?

A still from Solo leveling and the Beginning after the End
A still from Solo leveling and the Beginning after the End (Image via A-1 Pictures and Yen Press)

The answer, while not definitive, holds immense promise. TBATE boasts several qualities that would translate brilliantly into an anime.

  • Its action sequences are a symphony of clashing blades and devastating spells, ripe for breathtaking animation. 
  • The diverse cast of characters, from the stoic Grey to the mischievous Regis, would come alive under skilled voice acting and expressive animation.
  • And most importantly, the detailed artwork of its backdrop, filled with fantastical creatures and hidden magic, possesses the visual grandeur to popularize it on screen.

Challenges in the Beginning after the End anime adaptation

A still from the Beginning After the End
A still from the Beginning After the End (Image via Yen Press)

However, adapting TBATE also presents unique challenges. Despite being an isekai, its storyline is more complicated to understand. It spans 12 volumes and is interwoven with complex lore, and demands careful handling to avoid overwhelming viewers.

  • Also, being a Manhwa, the chances of characters or plot being altered to cater the Japanese audience (like they did with Solo Leveling) is also high. 
  • Which again reduces the originality to the source material along with Manhwa’s reach to its potential audiences.

Additionally, condensing lengthy chapters into digestible episodes without compromising the depth of the plot will be a delicate dance for the production team. The Beginning after the End seamlessly blends slapstick humor with poignant emotional moments, creating a balance which is often tricky to translate in animation.

Anime production and studio

A still from the Beginning After the End
A still from the Beginning After the End (Image via Yen Press)

To do justice to TBATE’s animation, securing a reputable studio with a proven track record in action and fantasy genres is crucial. Studios like Ufotable, renowned for their animation in Demon Slayer, or Madhouse, with their experience in epic fantasy adaptations like Overlord, possess the expertise to bring TBATE’s world to life. Production value will also be key. Fluid animation, detailed backgrounds, and a stirring soundtrack are all essential to do justice to the Manhwa.


While Solo Leveling’s success has undoubtedly paved the way for future webtoon adaptations, replicating its meteoric rise is no easy feat. TBATE faces its own set of challenges in translating to the anime format. However, with the right studio, and passionate creators, The Beginning after the End anime holds the potential to not only follow in Solo Leveling’s footsteps but perhaps even write its own epic chapter in anime history. 

Only time will tell if Arthur Leywin’s journey graces the silver screen, but one thing is certain: the anticipation for his anime debut is electrifying, and the potential for greatness is undeniable.

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