The fans have been asking, does Boruto really die?

The fans have been asking, Does Boruto really die

Does Boruto really die? The current events in the Boruto anime have stirred up quite a storm among fans. The most impactful of those has to be Boruto’s ‘Death’ at the hands of Kawaki, in the last episode of the anime.

While manga readers might be aware of the technicalities behind Boruto’s apparent demise, many anime fans have been wondering about his death.

The Karma Seal


  • As witnessed in the anime’s last episode, Boruto isn’t exactly dead. He has been resurrected, by Momoshiki. While some fans might find this confusing, this resurrection makes perfect sense once you understand the nature of the Karma seal.
  • The Karma Seal was implanted onto Boruto’s right hand by Momoshiki upon his defeat. Karma is a seal that serves as a genetic backup for an Otsutsuki, which can be embedded into another living being, called a ‘Vessal’.

The Karma slowly matures and alters the genetic profile of the Vessel, turning them into a complete Otsutsuki. Using this seal, Otsutsuki can resurrect themselves into the body of another, should they die in some manner.

Characteristics of Karma

The fans have been asking, Does Boruto really die
Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s body, courtesy of Studio Pierrot

In the time between being implanted by a Karma and the Otsutsuki’s resurrection, the Vessel can gain use the abilities of their host Otsutsuki through the Karma, based on its maturity and the user’s adaptability.

  • So far, the Karma seal has been shown to provide Combat, Time-Space, and Chakra Absorption capabilities to all of its users, as long they have Karma.
  • Apart from this, the Vessel can also use the Host’s own abilities to an extent, as demonstrated by Boruto using Momshiki’s Byakugan and Kawaki using Isshiki’s Sukunahikona and Daikokuten.

Boruto’s Death


During the battle against Code, Boruto suddenly collapses and has a frozen-time interaction with Momshiki. Momoshiki mocks Boruto for trying to control the Karma with a drug and expresses his disdain against Code. He then proceeds to take control of Boruto’s body and decides to kill Code by himself.

While Momoshiki proves to be strong enough to defeat Code, things don’t exactly end as expected. Momoshiki tries to attack Naruto, which prompted Kawaki to intercept, revealing his new Karma restored by Amado.

Kawaki reminds Boruto of his promise to die if Momoshiki gets out of control, which he affirms. Kawaki transforms his arm and rams it into Boruto, thus killing him.

The Cost Of Resurrection

The fans have been asking, Does Boruto really die
Kawaki kills Boruto, Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Everyone thought that Kawaki had killed Boruto. As a matter of fact, he did. Since Boruto’s Karma hadn’t been fully extracted yet, his death means Momoshiki couldn’t revive. To combat this, Momoshiki chose to reconstruct Boruto’s body using the unextracted data in the Karma. This, however, renders it impossible for Momoshiki to resurrect but keeps his consciousness alive.

This second life didn’t come without caveats though.

  • Boruto was a full Otsutsuki now, meaning he is no longer human and can be sacrificed to the God Tree.
  • This was a one-time revival, and the next time it happens, Boruto will be gone for good.
  • Boruto and Momoshiki’s consciousness will now overlap, and one can talk to the other at will.



In conclusion, yes, Boruto died. And upon his death, his body was reconstructed through the Karma’s remaining Otsutsuki data, turning him into a full celestial being, leaving him with distinguishable marks on his torso.

This sure makes things interesting as far as the future of the series is concerned. Given their parasitic relationship and disdain for each other, Boruto and Momoshiki would have to go through a series of enigmatic developments to coexist, especially after the recent manga events.

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