The Onimusha Trailer sets high expectations for its upcoming release: Is it another win for Netflix?

Musashi Miyamoto from the Onimusha Trailer

Netflix has dished out amazing anime adaptations of fan-favorite games this year. With Castlevania: Nocturne being an amazing success, they continue forward with announcing more adaptations of old game titles such as Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider. However, the list does not stop here. With the recent Onimusha trailer, it is confirmed that we are receiving an adaptation of one of the favorite Capcom titles.

  • But what can we expect out of it?
  • Will it be as good as Castlevania?
  • Is the adaptation being treated well, considering how dear it is to fans?

All of these will be answered in this article, starting with how prepared the Netflix team is for the show and how well it has been treated so far. To receive more updates, subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, which brings anime goodness not once but twice a week!!


Onimusha – What is it about?

The game is an action-packed third-person hack-and-slash combat, including many puzzle elements. The game retells the story of Japan’s historic and iconic characters. With the death of Oda Nobunaga, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi is sought by his cousin Princess Yuki who is concerned with the disappearance of her servants in the castle. Realizing the disappearance is related to demonic creatures called Genma, Samanosuke is bound to acquire Oni powers to defeat them.

Musashi fighting
Musashi fighting | Courtesy of Netflix

These Genmas have revived the dead Oda Nobunaga, using his genius to capture Japan. As the fate of their country befalls Samanosuke and Yuki, their journey to defeat Nobunaga begins. The game received three sequels with multiple protagonists, truly expanding on the story.

The game has been a legend in the Capcom catalog, with 80% positive reviews and inspiring titles such as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil.

Is the Legend back in business?

During the Netflix virtual event, Tudum, in September 2022, the series was announced to be in production. With the release of its trailer, it is now certain that it is coming, and it’s coming quite soon. Its release date is November 2, 2023, and will be available on Netflix.

What can we expect after the Onimusha Trailer?

Genma | Courtesy of Netflix

From what we can see from the trailer, the story has been changed a bit. The story has been focused on Musashi Miyamoto, the acclaimed swordsman from the history of Japan.

  • It will be his journey as fulfills a covert mission, where he will face Genmas on his face and eventually fight against the main antagonist on the conditions of his responsibilities being protecting the Princess.
  • The trailer has shown us that the anime will be of both 2D and 3D animation with slight CGI in between. However, it seems that the animators knew exactly how to incorporate the CGI as the trailer hints at a very crisp viewing experience, with an enthralling action sequence incoming.
  • The trailer was also paired with a brilliant backtrack that brings the solemn nature of the show – “THE LONELIEST” by the Måneskin.
Sayo | Courtesy of Netflix

The Onimusha trailer has received a positive reception from the fans. They have agreed that the animation looks really good and they are excited to know what the story is going to be, and how it will turn out. The music complimented the trailer, making the fans emotional to the verge of crying.


Overall, the anime adaptation seems to have a very bright future in its hands. Netflix has done absolutely amazing in the anime department this year, with the best live-action and the best-animated series. If this continues, we can be sure to have an even better year in 2024.

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