The role of Essence Stones in Solo Leveling – explained

The role of Essence Stones in Solo Leveling - explained

The role of essence stones in Solo Leveling remains unknown to many as the series has taken off as an anime recently. While the anime series has garnered a huge interest across all audiences, the Solo Leveling anime fails to answer a lot of questions to the viewers and one is usually bound to be clueless if they have not read the manhwa. Essence stones, commonly known as magical cores, are of great importance and relevance in Solo Leveling.

In this article, we will look at the role of essence stones in this anime and try to understand why these mysterious blocks of crystal are so much sought after in the realm of Solo Leveling.

What are the essence stones in Solo Leveling?

Essence stones in Solo Leveling are glowing stones that are found inside the corpses of Magic Beasts. These cores serve as the primary source of income for the hunters and their value is determined by their rank. These stones have an irregular shape that is typically asymmetric and glow with an inner light. Moreover, this glow denotes the rank of these stones and the value attached to their ranks.

The role of Essence Stones in Solo Leveling - explained
Magical cores in Solo Leveling manga. (Image credit goes to D&C Media)
  • Generally, essence stones are traded by the hunters who acquire them.
  • They are ranked from E-rank to S-rank with E-ranked stones generating the least income and the S-ranked stones being worth millions.
  • The color and hue of the stones determine their ranks as well, with the lowest ranks being light hues and higher ranks having dark hues.

These stones therefore sustain the hunter’s life by ascribing a reward or a return to their work in the form of a transactional element. The stones that determine the amount of mana that a beast holds within also indicate the hunter’s prowess if they can acquire it.

A brief history of essence stones in Solo Leveling and the purpose of their origin

The history of essence stones in Solo Leveling is also very mysterious and hazy. The rulers of the first war created these stones to be installed into Magical Beasts to make them more lethal against humans and to increase human resistance against mana. This was a step taken to prepare the humans for their war against the Monarchs and to stimulate the Magical Beasts against humans for practice and preparedness.

The role of Essence Stones in Solo Leveling - explained
Magical cores in Solo Leveling anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

The central purpose behind these stones was to therefore derive a way to adapt humans to a force that was able to threaten them fatally without risking their entire existence like the Monarchs did. Moreover, the threat that the Monarchs posed was something that humankind was not prepared to withstand, and to be able to tolerate that heat of conflict humanity had to be made familiar with the art of surviving through a perpetual threat, one that came with the introduction of the essence stones placed within magical beasts.

Do essence stones also act as an energy source?

In the realm of Solo Leveling, essence stones have proven to be quite useful as magical energy sources in addition to their monetary worth to hunters. It has been demonstrated that essence stones can be utilized to capture magical energy for a variety of purposes, however the precise method is unknown. Given that Kamish’s essence stone powered the FBH headquarters for almost ten years, it is inferred that they are a durable and extremely effective energy source.

The role of Essence Stones in Solo Leveling - explained
Sung Jinwoo in the anime – Solo Leveling. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)
  • Essence stones are extremely valuable resources for powering magical objects, rituals, gates, and other things that need powerful energy sources to activate and continue.
  • This is because of the raw magical power they hold. Beyond only their monetary value, this feature of essence stones increases the value and mystique of these luminous magical stones.


Essence Stones in Solo Leveling primarily perform three functions – a source of income, a source of mana, and a source of energy to run machinery. These little infinities hold within themselves the potential to run worlds and meet all human energy demands. Moreover, these stones were the only reason that the humans could saturate their world with enough mana to face the Monarchs, not to forget that the stones represent hope and light. To win such essence stones in the form of shining ideas and opinions, subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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