This new Isekai Anime by Attack on Titan’s Studio to feature DC comics characters?

This new Isekai Anime by Attack on Titan's Studio to feature DC comics characters?

Following closely on the success of the Spider-Man spin-off manga, a recent leak on Twitter suggests that WIT Studios, renowned for their work on the widely acclaimed Attack on Titan series, is currently developing a new isekai anime featuring beloved characters from DC Comics.

We know this sounds like a bit of a stretch, especially since it’s a leak and we don’t have official confirmation yet. But this information comes from a credible and reliable source.

DC Isekai Anime by Warner Bros. & WIT Studios

What is the new DC Isekai Anime about?
DC’s Superman and Wonder Woman reimagined as anime characters [Image via Anime Sauce on Twitter]
  • The leak also aligns perfectly with previous hints of a collaboration between WIT Studios and Warner Bros Japan, leaving little doubt about its authenticity. Just recently, both entertainment powerhouses announced plans to unveil a new original isekai anime at Anime Expo 2023, teasing the inclusion of “familiar faces.”

While specific details about the upcoming series remain unknown, the leak from @sugoiLITE has heightened anticipation for this project.

  • The user has earned a reputation for accurate anime and manga leaks, lending credibility to the claim of a DC isekai anime collaboration. Furthermore, the cryptic message from Warner Bros. adds further weight to the possibility of this crossover, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

As fans eagerly await more information and official announcements, excitement surrounding this anime collaboration continues to build.

You can be sure that Spiel Anime, committed to delivering the latest updates and breaking news from the entertainment world, will be at the forefront of reporting any new developments related to this highly anticipated project.

How are fans reacting to this news?

The convergence of DC Comics’ iconic superheroes with the isekai genre presents a unique and thrilling prospect, arousing curiosity about how this fusion will unfold onscreen.

Fans on Twitter are excited for this crossover, because this might be the first time an isekai anime takes us to a world filled with characters we’re already in love with.

Of course, creating something new with characters that fans are deeply attached to is a significant challenge. Given the involvement of WIT Studios, expectations for this anime are particularly high. However, only time will reveal whether it can meet the lofty expectations and deliver a satisfying experience.


The leak confirming WIT Studios’ involvement in a new isekai anime featuring DC Comics characters has set the stage for an exciting crossover event that is sure to captivate fans around the world.

As details slowly emerge, the confirmation of this collaboration seems imminent, and fans can hardly contain their excitement. Stay tuned to Spiel Anime for the latest updates on this groundbreaking DC isekai anime, as we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of this remarkable fusion of two beloved universes.

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