Will Thomas Andre Appear by the end of Season 1 of Solo Leveling Anime?

Thomas Andre in Solo Leveling anime

If Solo Leveling Episode 6 ending also spiked your curiosity about the mysterious silhouette, you are in luck. The mysterious figure is none other than Thomas Andre, another S-Rank Hunter. For manhwa fans, he is a nostalgic figure, however, for anime onlys, fret no longer. In this article, we’ll be diving into when he’s going to start making his appearance and who he really is.

Thomas Andre is one of the few characters to undergo substantial development in the series. He’s a dynamic character and with a few tweaks, the anime can flesh out his character even better. This possibility can only come true once Thomas Andre makes his debut in the anime. Will it happen by the end of Solo Leveling Season 1? Let’s find out!

Thomas Andre Solo Leveling Anime Appearance: When to Expect?

Thomas Andre in Solo Leveling
Image Courtesy of D&C Media

The introduction of Thomas Andre takes place in the manhwa in chapter 83. Currently, the anime is adapting around 5 chapters per episode and the anime is listed with 12 episodes only which leaves us with 6 more episodes in this season. If the anime progresses at the same pace without any major changes, Thomas Andre will not appear by the end of season 1. 

An Unlikely Possibility

Thomas Andre in Solo Leveling
Thomas after his fight with Sung Jinwoo | Image Courtesy of D&C Media

The anime might rearrange the order of some events as we’ve seen with the introduction of S-rank hunters in the first few episodes. Following a similar approach by tackling the Demon Castle arc alongside the preparations of the Jeju Island Raid can lead to an earlier debut of the character. Even the Red Gate arc can be used to introduce Thomas as it’s the same moment that leads him to Korea. But at present, these possibilities seem highly unlikely. 

The first season will probably end right after the Job Change arc with Igris becoming a shadow soldier, considering the emphasis on Igris in the opening sequence

But Who is Thomas Andre?

Thomas Andre Solo Leveling
Thomas Andre looking at an S-rank dungeon gate | Image Courtesy of D&C Media

When the Korean Hunter’s Association is in the preparation phase for the Jeju Island Raid, a National Level S-rank hunter visits Korea to meet the chairman. It turns out to be the number 1 hunter from the United States, Thomas Andre. During his brief interaction with the chairman, he comes off as an arrogant but intimidating presence. With subsequent appearances, we get glimpses of his expertise and influence as one of the most skilled hunters. His encounter with Sung Jinwoo humbles him for the better, accounting for a turning point for his character.


Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling anime
Sung Jinwoo | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Even though the introduction of the National Level Hunters is an event in the distant future, we have much to look forward to before the anime reaches that point. Solo Leveling anime is progressing at full throttle, every episode adds to the charm and appeal of Sung Jinwoo. Witnessing his journey to level up from the rank of the weakest hunter is admirable and full of hype moments. 

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