The Technique that terrified Sukuna – Todo’s New Boogie Woogie in JJK 260 Explained

Todo taunting the anime with his Boogie Woogie technique

Aoi Todo’s new Boogie Woogie in JJK 260 took Sukuna by shock and surprise, as the King of Curses struggled to keep up with the swaps and punches. The Todo-Yuji duo managed to overpower Sukuna through sheer speed and strength, and at one point through overwhelming intellect.

After Sukuna murdered Choso and the latter died protecting his brother, the series seemed hopeless to be followed. A certain pattern that took the narrative by its neck was pretty evident. In such times, Aoi Todo’s new Boogie Woogie not only proved to be efficient but also entertaining.

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Aoi Todo’s new Boogie Woogie – the potential of his modified Cursed Technique explained

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 260 presented Yuji Itadori as one of the most powerful foes against Sukuna. However, this was only possible due to Aoi Todo’s new Boogie Woogie. After the sorcerer lost an arm, it was deemed impossible that he could ever perform his CT again. With a missing left hand came the cost of a missing Boogie Woogie.

Aoi Todo asks Yuji his "type"
Aoi Todo. © Gege Akutami, Studio MAPPA

However, Aoi Todo’s Vibraslap proved to be more efficient than his previous use of the technique. While it is a hilarious device with a very funny concept, it also has a very efficient use. This vibrator-like instrument consists of a wooden block and a metal piece that creates a sound identical to a clap.

  • It boosts his CT by a hundred fold, allowing him to use Boogie Woogie on people at a rate of fifty times a second!

Not only is this beyond human abilities, Todo went on to use a Binding Vow to restrict the number of claps so that its effective range can be modified and increased. This allowed him to save all other sorcerers when Sukuna used his Fire Arrow.

Yuji and Todo Combo in JJK 260 – a duo that ‘shooketh Sukuna’

Yuji and Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 260 took Sukuna by surprise. Their relationship has always been one of immaculate precision and proficiency. We first saw this when they fought against Hanami and since then they have been an unstoppable pair. In their battle against Sukuna, Yuji managed to swap more times than Sukuna could comprehend.

Upon learning that Sukuna can even dodge mid-air and has the advantage of speed, Todo swapped Yuji with even an incoming pebble. This allowed Yuji to land a very powerful kick on Sukuna, taking him by shocking force and a fearful dread of defeat.

  • Sukuna theorized that it is impossible to predict Todo’s Vibraslap Boogie Woogie and he tries to make an observation in his attackers.
Aoi Todo and Hanami's fight in Jujutsu Kaisen
Hanami and Aoi Todo’s fight. © Gege Akutami, Studio MAPPA

Realizing that Todo’s expressions and Yuji’s focus are interrelated, Sukuna confirms his reading of their attacks and tries to hit Yuji in the next incoming attack. However, Todo decided to turn the tables and Sukuna turns around to find Mei Mei’s crows swapped with Yuji. Before he could reach his blind spot and defend himself, Yuji already pierced his chest with a powerful Black Flash and further uses his claw hand to start ripping out his body.

This sequence of events have proved to be very exciting for fans as such a powerful team up was never expected or foreseen, but only theorized. It also stands as a testament of Todo’s intellect as he could use his pinning precision to help Yuji hit Sukuna. The entire exchange of blows was very skillfully planned, making it impossible for Sukuna to defend himself in a situation where he couldn’t even predict no matter how desperate it got for him.

Can Yuji and Todo defeat Sukuna or it is just another narrative high before a tragic death?

Todo teaches Yuji to use Black Flash
Yuji and Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1. © Gege Akutami, Studio MAPPA

Yuji’s Black Flash and Todo’s Boogie Woogie fit in like a puzzle. They hold the ability to defeat Sukuna as their unpredictability is backed by inhuman strength. Not only can they be an overwhelming force, they can also be very frightening presence for any opponent.

However, a judgement too soon would be stupid as we know that all great fighters have perished in Gege’s story. While it doesn’t seem like Todo could be killed very easily, it is entirely impossible to predict Gege’s Boogie Woogie of death too. One moment we would celebrate a win and the next moment it might all perish without a clue.

Final Thoughts

Yuji and Aoi Todo bond over talking about girls
Itadori and Aoi Todo. © Gege Akutami, Studio MAPPA

Aoi Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 260 has been a menace. His mere presence in the battlefield brought back hope. His new and improved device known as the Vibraslap further complemented his presence. The entire battle in chapter 260 was on the side of Yuji and Todo. The duo holds the ability to defeat Sukuna, however, Gojo’s silhouette towards the end fills up the story with further tension for what’s to come next.

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