Rumor: Tokyo Ghoul gets a Anime Remake – Will it finally bring justice to fans?

Rumors say Tokyo Ghoul gets a anime remake

Tokyo Ghoul is the only show that does not hold back when it comes to gore. It would also not be accurate if not polite to say that Tokyo Ghoul was a bad adaptation of the manga, although usual anime watchers do commonly use the words “poor”, “terrible” and more when they hear of the show. As per rumors, Tokyo Ghoul gets a anime remake and could this finally bring some justice to the real fans?

During the 2010s, the Tokyo Ghoul anime got a lot of criticism rather than praise. This dark fantasy series is based on Sui Ishida’s manga, which was published in Weekly Young Jump magazine from 2011 to 2014, and is known for its mature themes that goes deep into human pysche.

Rumors say that Tokyo Ghoul gets a Anime remake due to it’s upcoming 10th anniversary

Word around the internet is that a new web domain has been reportedly registered for Tokyo Ghoul, which could be gearing up for its big 10th anniversary of the series.

After this news came out, manga hub account @MangaMoguraRE on X (previously Twitter), brought attention to this development of an upcoming Tokyo Ghoul anime remake, suggesting that this website might be connected to a special project celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.

But in the same tweet, the admin lets fans know that there’s been no official announcement yet. Plus, it might also be a little too early to know exactly what the anniversary project might involve.

Fans hope that Tokyo Ghoul should get similar treatment as FMAB with this remake

  • Some dedicated fans of Tokyo Ghoul are now hoping that the series might get a better treatment if it does something like the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  • With fans on X saying that: “If this is a Tokyo Ghoul “Brotherhood” situation, this may be the greatest news in a while,” referring to how Brotherhood was a faithful adaptation of the manga following the 2003 series, which took a different path.

As Brotherhood shows exactly why Fullmetal Alchemist deserved its second chance, you might also want to give a chance to read our every-Monday Anime Newsletter, that provides you some of the most anime-exclusive content that you will ever find on the internet.

The reason behind Full Metal Alchemist’s remake

While people do praise FMA for its presentation in the early episodes, but most of the fans would not enjoy going back to.

A still of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

The show had a complete collapse of writing in the latter half of the series, and it seemed to look like a huge waste of potential, especially considered how incredible the original manga was.

Thankfully, it seemed that everyone understood this sentiment and everyone agreed that Fullmetal Alchemist was special. So, years later, the series came back in animated form for another, with a more accurate go around. Thus, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was born.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime re-release instead of remake

Tokyo Ghoul New web domain for 10th anniversary
Image Courtesy of Tokyo Ghoul’s Official Website

Tokyo Ghoul’s debut episodes had hit the screens on July 3, 2014, and it’s still praised as one of the top pilot episodes in anime history. With its 10th anniversary approaching, there’s exciting news: all 48 episodes of the Tokyo Ghoul series, along with OVAs, are set to be released for free on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel.

You will now be able to watch the entire Tokyo Ghoul anime series for free starting April 5, 2024, (Friday) at 7:00 PM JST on their YouTube channel. It’s a treat for long time fans to relive the series and for newcomers to get into Tokyo Ghoul for the first time.

Here’s the full list of episodes that will be free to watch on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel:

  • “Tokyo Ghoul” (12 episodes)
  • “Tokyo Ghoul √A” (12 episodes)
  • OVA “Tokyo Ghoul [JACK]”
  • OVA “Tokyo Ghoul [PINTO]”
  • “Tokyo Ghoul: Re” (all 12 episodes)
  • “Tokyo Ghoul: Re Final Chapter” (all 12 episodes)

No remake till further announcements

Although there’s no official confirmation yet for the Tokyo Ghoul anime remake in this new site, all we can do for now is be patient and manifest it a little more. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Tokyo Ghoul:re, currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Will there ever be remake? What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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