Top 10 times Studios went Bankrupt animating a scene

Top 10 times Studios made miracles

There is no denying that the studios play a key role in the success of an anime. But it is also the popularity of the source material of the anime that dictates the budget that studios receive. Nevertheless, studios have, from time to time, surpass their budget in creating the wonders of what we have all come to enjoy. Here is, in no particular order, our pick of the Top 10 times studios have created miracles of their budget.

1. One Piece

  • Episode 1061
  • Studio – Toei Animation

Toei Animation in 2023 has really played along the lines of “Justice will prevail” when it came down to animating one of the most awaited Arcs of One Piece, the Wano Arc. It is very hard to choose from their series of brilliantly animated episodes, however, Episode 1061 “Sanji vs Queen” has taken the cake.

Not only is it one of the most visually pleasing episodes, but it is also one of the most well-choreographed fights of the series. It has also expertly delivered in its color themes the gravity of the development Sanji has received.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen Zero

  • Studio – MAPPA Studios

Jujutsu Kaisen from MAPPA Studios has consistently been one of the reasons why the studio has been hailed to be one of the best studios of 2023. With the release of their movie, Zero, MAPPA Studios has shown who’s the boss in the community.

The intricately animated fight between Yuta and Geto has made it to this list. It has a wonderful choreography in close combat fights, with even more appealing animation when it comes down to fighting with curses. The curse techniques felt all the more lively.

3. Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc

  • Episode 10
  • Studio – Ufotable

There is no doubt that Ufotable has the means to make an action sequence better than it has to be. We have seen it time and again with Demon Slayer Season 1. However, with the introduction of the Sound Hashira who wishes to be the most flamboyant character in time, Ufotable could not resist.

They went over and beyond animating the fight between Uzui Tengen and Gyutaro. It was such an amazing fight, nobody had the words to describe it. The visuals of the Sound Hashira’s Sword Arts clashing with the Upper Moon’s Blood Art made everyone speechless. Ufotable came and conquered.

4. Fate Strange/Fake: Whispers of Dawn

  • Studio – A-1 Pictures

When it comes to fights, the Fate franchise must be on the list. They have such ground-breaking animated episodes that it becomes very hard to choose. However, when it is the King of Heroes fighting his most cherished rival, do we really have a choice? King Gilgamesh vs Enkidu has been the most awaited fight in the community.

Both of them meet each other after an eternity, and they decide to greet each other with their most powerful attack. A-1 Pictures heard that and threw their budget out the window. Enuma Elish has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing greetings in the history of anime.

5. Hitori no Shita Season 3

  • Episode 2
  • Studio – NAMU Studios

Hitori no Shita is one of the series with the most beautifully choreographed hand-to-hand close combat fights. NAMU Studios has made its mark by animating Ouya fighting with the Masked Outcasts. The sequence was so smooth that it felt like the flow of water. Fast-paced with efficient hand movements, this fight is one of the most aesthetically animated scenes in anime.

6. Garden of Words

  • Studio – CoMix Wave Films

Makoto Shinkai movies have always taken the beauty of the ordinary. Taking such a record head-on, CoMix Wave Films has taken natural beauty to a whole another level. It has been so intricately animated that by just watching it, you will feel yourself in nature. Every scene is so beautifully crafted that a screenshot at any point in the movie can turn into a high-definition wallpaper.

7. Boruto

  • Episode 216
  • Studio – Studio Pierrot

Naruto and Sasuke are one of the most cherished duos. So, when it comes to a villain that can rival them in power, the fights should also step up. That is what Studio Pierrot has delivered. Naruto’s Baryon Mode against Jigen has to be the crux of the entire fight. The animation has been on point, the signature hand-to-hand combat has been on point, and when it came to the budget, it felt completely beyond the point with what we got to witness.

8. Fire Force

  • Episode 21
  • Studio – David Production

Fire Force has one of the most visually appealing art styles and power aesthetics. Their fights have always been a delight to the eyes, and the fight between our protagonist, Shinra, and his brother who turned villain, Sho has been a masterpiece. David Production really went berserk with the unnerving fast-paced and invisible actions. It has a really refreshing set of movements and is a real joy to watch.

9. Project K: The Return of Kings

  • Episode 1
  • Studio – GoHands

When the Blue King decided to drop in and soil the Red King’s fun, there is bound to be a clash. Studio GoHands knew that the franchise was an art and they delivered nothing less than that. The clash is covered with amazing cinematography with supernatural powers destroying things. Just the things we like.

10. Violet Evergarden

  • Episode 7
  • Studio – Kyoto Animation

When Kyoto Animation decided to animate Violet Evergarden, everyone realized that we were in for a wonderful ride. But to our surprise, we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Each episode was animated as if it would cater to each person differently. With episode 10, everyone was bawling their eyes out, and with episode 7, KyoAni left us speechless.

A wonderful tale, with even more gorgeous animation, is what Episode 7 is. When Violet took that jump, everyone held their breaths. With that scene, KyoAni made history and left behind a sample that will echo throughout time that great animation does not require a fight scene.


This list is not enough. In addition to this, there are countless episodes that are too great to not correspond with their respective budget. We will get even more series that will shock us with their outstanding experience. There’s more to come and get to know about them by sticking around here with Spiel Anime.

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